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The action film Yodha, starring Sidharth Malhotra, Raashii Khanna, and Disha Patani, is finally available in theaters today, March 15, 2024. Based on the journey of Arun Katyal (Sidharth Malhotra), a special task force officer who would stop at nothing to protect India from terrorists, the movie tells the story of how his attempts are thwarted by the political climate. 

This review will give you a quick overview of Yodha and whether it is worth your time if you are intending to see this intense action drama on the big screen. Make sure to read all the way through.


The story opens with Arun Katyal’s father (Sidharth Malhotra) taking over as the first chief of the Yodha special task team. Arun wants to be like his father and serve his nation, just like any other son would. But his father tells him that the uniform is more than just a piece of clothing and that one must work for it and uphold its honor throughout one’s life. His father is slain one day while on a particular mission, leaving him in a severe state of grief.

But he succeeds in becoming one of the Yodha’s, the hardest of them, by intense effort. Following one of the hijacking episodes, in which he was meant to rescue a nuclear scientist and other passengers off the aircraft, things took a radical turn. however is unable to do so and is held accountable for disobeying the directives of his higher-ranking colleagues and government representatives.

The Yodha task force’s future is then decided by a panel that meets after that. Arun fights to keep the team from being blacklisted since he has an emotional connection to the force because his father was Yodha’s first chief.


Sagar Ambre and Pushcarts Ojha are the directors of this action-packed movie, which is entirely fiction-based and has no connection to any actual events. Yodha’s storyline, however, is primarily told in mid-air because the movie chronicles multiple hijacking occurrences. 

In terms of directing, Sagar and Pushkar have both done an excellent job, expertly showing intense action scenes. Yodha is an absolute must-watch if you love action movies. The movie’s VFX is also rather good.

The filmmaker skillfully uses heartfelt songs and background music to highlight the film’s several poignant moments on the big screen.

You won’t be dissatisfied with any of the lead cast’s acting performance. On the other hand, I believe Sidharth Malhotra might have performed better in the romance sequences with Raashii Khanna. The two leading ladies, however, were flawless in their roles. Raashii’s endearing, vivacious appearance and acting prowess will win you over throughout the movie.

You will be equally impressed by Disha Patani’s performance in the movie. Additionally, you will see one of these women in action.

The movie’s soundtrack had room for improvement. You won’t recall any other song after seeing the movie save for “Qismat Badal Di” by B Praak. The background music, on the other hand, is expertly placed during emotionally charged scenes and will make you cry.

You would enjoy Sidharth Malhotra as a guy in uniform once more after watching Yodha, which is a good film overall. Yodha is more into action than romance, but that aside, he could have been a great lover boy in the movie. 

As was already noted, the film is entirely fictional and has nothing to do with any real-life events, but it manages to instill a strong sense of patriotism in its audience. You’re kept on the edge of your seat by the many twists and turns it has. I’ll rate it at 3.5 stars out of 5.

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