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Though the genre is more well recognized as true crime, occasionally the results of mining a fresh and previously undiscovered seam of depravity, psychoses, or malevolence leave us feeling shaken with sorrow. 

A paedophile who befriended a married couple for years effectively kidnapped their daughter twice with all except their consent, according to the incident told in Abducted in Plain Sight. 

Or the Girl in the Picture, whose turns and turns into weird, unreal places made you think about living a hermit or vigilante life for the rest of your days. as well as everything written by Jeffrey Epstein. Alternatively—well, you get the idea.


Here’s another one: The Man With A Thousand Children. Consider it an add-on to the streamer’s Our Father documentary, which is about a reproductive specialist who covered his tracks for thirty years, surreptitiously fertilizing patients with his sperm instead of the donor or spouse’s sample. 

The Dutchman Jonathan Meijer, a multiple ejaculator, seems to have traveled the world, donating his sperm to as many clinics in as many nations as he could. This time, we follow his journey.

Not to mention fighting sperm banks’ policies about donor anonymity and delaying the gamete provider’s contact with any progeny until the child is 16 or 18, depending on country regulations, and making many donations to women who opted to source their sperm privately.

Men can virtually eternally take advantage of this non-system, should they so desire, as seen by the lack of any means of enforcing the meagre regulations prohibiting donors from supplying excessive amounts of material.

Meijer only introduces us to a small number of the women he impregnated (sometimes via “natural donation” or intercourse, if the woman wasn’t already married, though getting his way doesn’t seem to have been his primary goal). He was a private donor, and gay couple Suzanne and Natalie were impressed by his appearance, health, and intelligence. 

This was especially true after their strange first encounter with a bald, scarred man who did not resemble the “sympathetic, kind” profile he had posted on the website they used. Meijer informed them he was glad for them to be one of up to five families to which he planned to donate. Two of Suzanne’s and Natalie’s children are now his.

He frequently said, “Five families only.” Recipients came together on a Facebook group once suspicions were finally aroused. Through his YouTube postings, they charted his trips and compared them to donor lists at local sperm banks. 

Despite the hazards of consanguinity and perhaps unintentional incest, it became increasingly evident that this was not the benevolent, hippyish young man they had met, but rather someone who was obsessed with fathering as many children as possible. He may possibly have generated three thousand offspring so far, based on what they could gather.

He may possibly have generated three thousand offspring so far, based on what they could gather. Nicolette’s personal experience revealed the enormous potential scope and risks of Meijer’s operations when she discovered that six people in her personal network of friends and friends of friends had used his sperm to conceive their children. They went to the law because he refused to stop endangering the futures of them and their children.

From the first excitement of the pregnancies to the revelation of the horror, the victims’ group and the final lawsuit they file that prohibits Meijer from accepting any further donations under threat of a €100,000 fine per donation, the documentary follows the women’s tales. This case is said to be the first in which male bodily autonomy has ever been restricted in this, or possibly any other, manner.

Regarding his motivations, no firm conclusions have been drawn. You think it’s quite kind of a lady to propose attention-seeking after being the forgotten child in a big family. A rising God complex and an addiction to power are suggested by some of the women, while basic narcissism and male entitlement are put up by others as the primary causes. 

It’s clear from his savage reaction to their attempts to extract answers from him that there was more to these than meets the eye. Neither Netflix nor any other streaming service is likely to run out of material in the near future.

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