Eli Roth, Crypt TV, and ShinAwiL, in collaboration with Meta, will launch their VR episodic series “The Faceless Lady” in Meta Horizon Worlds on April 4 at 5 p.m. PT.

 “The Faceless Lady,” the first live-action virtual reality series, will debut in stereoscopic (3D) and include six episodes total, with a new episode premiering every Thursday after the first.

“Working with Meta on VR originals has been an amazing experience, and I’m excited for fans to experience VR horror with ‘The Faceless Lady,’ the series.” Roth added in a statement, “Observing the response to ‘Trick-VR-Treat’ and ‘Be Mine’ demonstrated the hunger genre fans have for this medium and how VR users are experiencing horror through the headset.” 

“Watchers will be frightened in a way that this medium has never seen before by a VR horror episodic series.”

The narrative, which takes place in Ireland, is based on authentic Irish mythology from the 17th century about Lady Margaret Hodnett, who is supposed to pursue guests at Cork’s Belvelly Castle by using mirrors and mirrored surfaces.

 With a spooky twist, “The Faceless Lady” has been updated for the present era. It centres on three couples who are invited to a mediaeval castle for a weekend competition in Ireland, where they must either win Lady Margaret’s games or perish.

The series is offered in the Creepy Cabin reality, and attendees can RSVP for the event on Meta Horizon Worlds. As they solve the riddles of the haunted lodge, users can immerse themselves in premium horror content and haunting experiences.

 “The Faceless Lady” is available to view on demand in virtual reality on Meta Quest TV for individuals who are unable to watch the episodes as they debut in the Meta Horizon Worlds. When the first two episodes of Meta Quest VR debut in VR, fans without a headset can watch them on Crypt TV’s Facebook page.

The series, directed by John William Ross and written by Jerome Velinsky, is presented by Roth. In “The Faceless Lady,” Tara Lee, Staz Nair, Daisy Jelley, Mei Henri, Ugo Onwughalu, Sophie Rebecca-Jones, and Ned Dennehy also star.

The VR programmes “Haunted House: Trick-VR-Treat” and “Be Mine” for Meta in 2022 were produced by Crypt TV and Roth. “The Faceless Lady” is a six-times longer, 3D serialised film that represents the next advancement in scripted VR.

This will be known as XR Television. We can now create live-action XR TV series that appear like no previous live-action written content for the first time ever. In a statement, Darren Brandl, executive producer of Crypt TV, stated, “The canvas is bigger than a movie screen, or even an Imax.

 It is massive, head-to-toe, side-to-side, and in 3D, there’s real depth, you can touch the action, the sound is spatial, and you are in the scene.” For XR, this is a significant time. We think fans will adore it as the technology has at last lived up to the premise’s promise.

Executive producers Roth and Larry Bass, Aaron Farrel of ShinAwiL, and Jack Davis and Brandl for Crypt TV are the group responsible for bringing this storytelling approach to life. Light Sail VR, together with co-executive producers Robert Watts and Matt Celia, provided VR production services.

Director of Metaverse entertainment content at Meta, Sarah Malkin, said in a statement that “‘The Faceless Lady’ redefines the horror genre by allowing viewers to experience the series in stereoscopic VR, creating an unparalleled sense of presence and pushing the boundaries of how we perceive and engage with frightening tales.” 

“We’re thrilled to present this groundbreaking 3D VR horror series from Eli Roth and Crypt TV, and we can’t wait for viewers to experience this spine-tingling story and cutting-edge technology.”

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