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Signal is undoubtedly one of the greatest K-dramas ever produced, and it is a timeless masterpiece. This suspenseful film, which debuted in 2016, was a clear favorite to win the Baeksang Award for best TV drama.


While it would be simple to dismiss Signal as just another time travel drama at first glance, the show actually goes far further into the realm of crime thrillers, combining gripping characters and superb writing with an ambitious and epic run of cases.

Beginning simply enough, the plot follows criminal profiler Park Hae-young as he attempts to solve a kidnapping case involving a perpetrator who has vanished after the crime. 

Hae-young discovers an enigmatic old walkie talkie and, in an attempt to unravel the mystery, unintentionally starts speaking with an officer from the past named Lee Jae-han. As a result, the two collaborate to solve the crime during the various time periods.

Following the success of this investigation, the police established a long-term cold case unit, headed by Detective Cha Soo-hyun, who has spent the last 15 years looking for her long-lost mentor, Lee Jae-han. As Soo-hyun begins to believe that her partner, Hae-young, is not being entirely honest with her regarding this walkie talkie, a series of separate cases naturally weave together. Our protagonists, however, discover firsthand that tampering with history has consequences.

Giving away too much about the show would be unfair, but Signal is a great example of how to take a really basic idea and run with it in a way that seems entirely new and unique for the genre. 

The cases themselves have an authentic feel to them because they are primarily inspired by or based on actual criminal acts, and the way these cases flow into one another is incredibly well done.

At one point, we find out that a number of poor decisions made during the building of a bridge were made by influential men:

This relates back to a business that all of the delinquent children in the following instance, who are linked to the corporation in one way or another. This series flows from one inquiry to the next thanks to these kinds of shaky links.

I won’t give away the ending, but it’s important to note that it’s unclear and up for interpretation. A lot has been said about it. While I believe it works well for the program, I know there will be others who are disappointed. 

Don’t let that detract from the entire experience, though, as Signal is unlike anything else. Throughout its 16 episodes, this incisive, masterfully written, and perceptive thriller keeps up a high standard of quality.

In general, Signal avoids the pitfall of terminating in plot gaps and contrivances, which can be problematic when dealing with time travel concepts. Rather, it manages to provide clear answers to the majority of questions about this mechanic. 

It does this by outlining the basics of communication with the past (a few minutes at random intervals at 11.23pm), as well as outlining the repercussions of tampering with the past. This greatly enhances Signal and makes the concept of solving these scenarios much more surprising.

We alternate between the past and the present, and both eras are shown incredibly effectively. The acting is outstanding throughout. In order to accommodate the previous timeline, the screen is “stretched,” mirroring old, upgraded VHS tapes. 

The editing is excellent throughout, particularly when the tension builds and the scene switches between the two time periods at any time—sometimes in a matter of seconds—or even using split screen shots to capture the reactions of both Jae-han and Hae-young.

After viewing all 16 episodes of Signal, which is a deserving winner of the Baeksang Award, it’s clear why this program is so well acclaimed. Beyond that, though, this is a masterfully written, intensely captivating, and captivating crime thriller that should not be missed by anyone, regardless of their affinity for K-dramas. The finale is undoubtedly a source of disagreement.

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