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Zootopia+: Here Is The Latest Updates!!!


Zootopia+: Zootopia+, a new short-form series set on the setting of the famous animated film, has been given its first glimpse on Disney+. Many of these projects were first unveiled during Disney Investor’s Day 2020, and many of them are based on beloved characters and concepts that fans have yet to see explored further. A new Disney+ series called Zootopia+ includes a return to the world of Zootopia. We don’t have many details yet, but we do know that the new show will debut in 2022, alongside a Baymax! series and new shows based on characters from The Frog Prince and Moana.

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Few specifics about Zootopia+ have been published so far, except that it will be an anthology-style series of films focusing on some of the supporting characters from the first film, such as Flash the Sloth, Fru Fru, Gazzel’s backing dancers, and others. Trent Correy and Josie Trinidad, both of whom worked on the first Zootopia, will direct Zootopia+ (Correy was an animator and Trinidad as a writer).

When Zootopia was published in 2016, it made over a billion dollars for Disney, and while a sequel is supposedly in the works, it was unclear how long it would take before the covid-19 epidemic threw a wrench in the works. Those who have seen the film are aware of how vast this world is, and we only saw a sliver of the many oddball and wonderfully quirky characters who inhabit it in the first film, so having the opportunity to expand on that while getting to know some of our favourite supporting characters along the way holds a lot of promise



The film was created by a legends Haward and Moore. Jared Bush, the screenwriter for Moana, and Phil Johnston, the screenwriter for Wreck-It Ralph, are among the project’s writers. Clark Spencer, the project’s producer, won an Academy Award for his efforts. Zootopia+ was announced as one of Walt Disney Animation Studios’ first television productions in 2020. The series will follow three groups of characters, according to the description.


The reveal of Zootopia+, a short-form series set to premiere on Disney+ in 2022, was one of Disney’s big announcements today during its Disney+ event. The series is expected to return to the “fast-paced mammal metropolis” from the 2016 original Zootopia film. On its official Twitter account, Disney+ shared an adorable first peek at the show.

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