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Zachary Levi Recollects His Time In Psych Ward After Having Complete Mental Breakdown: Latest Updates!!!

Zachary Levi Updates: Zachary Levi, an American actor and musician, disclosed that he experienced a “total mental breakdown” that required him to spend three weeks in a psych ward.

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The “Shazam” star said that he had trouble handling certain issues for the majority of his life during an interview with writer Elizabeth Vargas for the podcast “Heart of the Matter,” according to Page Six. But as he grew older, Levi became aware that he “was struggling with these things.””I’ve battled this issue my entire life.

When I was 37, or around five years ago, and experienced a full mental breakdown, I didn’t recognise that I was having problems with these things.Levi also acknowledged that he used “sex, drugs, alcohol, or other things to divert from or numb him from the agony,” according to Page Six. The actor went on to say that although drinking alcohol provides “temporary respite,” it actually multiplies one’s “worry tenfold” and creates a “vicious cycle.”

Zachary Levi

The irony is that alcohol can temporarily relieve your worry, but the next day it will be ten times worse. Then you go back to get more, and it just spirals out of control, said Levi.Levi acknowledged that he first experienced mental health issues as a result of growing up with a borderline personality disorder sufferer for a mother and a fervent “perfectionist” for a father, according to Page Six.Levi, according to Page Six, underwent “extensive life changing, lifesaving therapy,” which assisted him in coping with his mental health and helped him manage his intrusive thoughts. He said that if people’s brains are not controlled, they “are readily hijacked.”Our thoughts are quite strong, but if we don’t take the time to go, “Oh, wait… I’m doing it once more. I’m once again talking negatively about myself. I’m starting to judge or criticise myself harshly. I’m starting to evaluate where I am in life, the actor confessed. The ANI news service prepared this report automatically. The Print is not responsible for its information.

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