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Yulin Dog Meat Festival: Here Is The Latest Updates!!!!


Yulin Dog Meat Festival Updates: The Yulin Dog Meat Festival, held every year in China’s Guangxi autonomous region, has sparked outrage among animal rights activists both at home and abroad. The festival, also known as the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival, begins on June 21 and runs for ten days in Yulin, a city in Guangxi, China’s southernmost province, which borders Vietnam.

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What’s the Story Behind the Festival?

According to Peter Li, a China policy expert for Humane Society International, the festival was started in 2009/2010 by Yulin’s dog meat sellers as a purely commercial event to stimulate their dwindling dog meat sales. “It has no cultural roots in Yulin; in fact, dog meat consumption was never a part of the local mainstream food culture prior to that date, and the ‘holiday’ had never existed. Even now, polls reveal that the majority of Yulin residents refuse to eat dog meat “Newsweek quoted Li as saying.However, it is crucial to highlight that Yulin is not unique in Guangxi, and that dog meat is offered in marketplaces, shops, and restaurants in many other towns and cities around the province. “Although eating dog and cat meat is not part of China’s culinary mainstream food culture, and most Chinese people don’t consume it,” he said, “Guangxi remains a stronghold.” “And, of course, the dog and cat meat trade takes place all year long in China.” While the international focus on Yulin for one week is beneficial in that it encourages awareness and debate about this hideously cruel trade,”It’s crucial to remember that even after Yulin is done, dogs and cats are still being stolen, trafficked, and killed in horrible ways for the meat trade.

Yulin Dog Meat Festival

What Takes Place During the Festival?

According to Li, the name “festival” is a little misleading for the occasion.” This week in June has virtually little in the way of festivities or celebrations,” he remarked. “It’s a weeklong period when dog meat is consumed in bigger quantities than usual, and travellers from various parts of China flock to the city to visit dog meat restaurants and marketplaces.”It’s also worth remembering that many dogs and cats are still slain in Yulin outside of the main festival dates, especially in the days preceding up to the event.

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