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YouTube Star David Dobrik Is Worth Way More Than You Think

Lucas Alan Cruikshank took a walk to let Gen Z YouTubers run. The Fred Figglehorn franchise has been on YouTube for over a decade, and David Dobrik, 25, has been following in his footsteps. David began his career on the now-defunct social media platform Vine, but in 2015, he started his own YouTube channel.

His infamous comedic troupe, the Vlog Squad, was formed not long after. David’s account has grown to over 45 million followers across all of his social media channels since then, and the Discovery Plus docuseries Discovering David Dobrik launched in late 2021.

However, at SXSW 2022, a new documentary premiered that cast light on the star in ways he definitely doesn’t want. Under the Influence, created by Casey Neistat, a (former?) friend of David’s, addressed the Vlog Squad’s sexual assault charges and other issues.

According to IMDb, the film follows “the rise and collapse of the world’s top YouTuber, whose feel-good videos hid the dark and reckless new ethos of online superstar culture.”Unfortunately, David’s dark and irresponsible mindset has netted him a sizable fortune.

How Much Money Does David Dobrik Have?

David Dobrik
Business Insider

David immigrated to the United States with his parents and three siblings when he was six years old, from Koice, Slovakia. As a DACA Dreamer, he is protected from deportation despite the fact that his family entered the country illegally.

David grew up in Vernon Hills, Illinois, and attended high school there. He eventually relocated to Los Angeles, where he became a social media sensation. According to Celebrity Net Worth, David Dobrik’s net worth is predicted to be over $25 million as of March 2022. In the year 2020, David Dubrik was one of the highest paid content providers.

David was one of the top ten highest-paid producers in his field in 2020, according to Forbes, yet he argued on an episode of his VIEWS podcast that he should be making even more. In 2019, the online personality claimed to be earning an estimated $275,000 a month, the same year he married his best friend’s mother, Lorraine Nash, now 78, and went viral.

YouTube modified its ad standards three months later, and the quantity of ads plummeted by more than half. David, on the other hand, no longer relies on YouTube as his primary source of income.He also secured a variety of partnerships worth a total of $16 million in 2020, in addition to his products.

David has previously worked with firms such as EA, Bumble, Chipotle, and Seat Geek. However, as sexual assault charges against the Vlog Squad surfaced, those deals were jeopardised.And the drama isn’t over yet.

After a near fatal accident that could have blinded him, former Vlog Squad member Jeff Wittek called out the group for their irresponsible behaviour. Before removing himself from the gang, Jeff was also accused of sexual assault.David’s lawyer issued a statement to Insider in reaction to the claims.


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