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You Are My Spring Season 1: Release Date, Cast Update & More

You Are My Spring Season 1 Netflix has always been home to South Korean TV shows as their recognition over the globe is made possible only through Netflix. “You are my Spring” is one such upcoming project for Netflix and is a South Korean TV series directed by Jung Ji- Hyun and is created by Studio Dragons in which Actually has three main characters around whom the plot of this Korean series revolves this time.

The Cast Of You Are My Spring Season 1

The series is going to have around 4 major castings for the lead characters of Kang Da-Jeong, Joo Yeong-do, Chae Joon, and Ahn Ga-Yeong portrayed by Seo Hyun – Jin, Kim Dong – Wook, Yoon Park, and Nam Gyu- Ri respectively and are all known for brilliant Portrayal of characters played in the previous projects of each individually.

The series along with casting the above names also has many Supporting roles in which it casts Kim Ye – Won, Han Min, Kang Hoon, Ji Seung – Hyun as Park Eun- ha, Park Chul- do, Kang Tae Jung and Seo Ha- neul respectively with several others.

The Plot Of You Are My Spring Season 1

You Are My Spring Season 1

As the upcoming K-drama belongs to the genre of Fantasy and Romance both, it follows the story of its three main characters as they live up to their seven years of age and got caught up in the Keyword Salvation. And the characters moved into the building where a murder has been done.

Kang Da Jeong has stayed in an Inn which she resembles as her home and now is a manager at a motel where the murder happened and somehow got involved in the case along with the Psychiatrist living in her neighbourhood who tries to make people live again who suffers with suicidal thoughts or has got their hearts broken.

Chae yoon is an admirer of Kang Da- Jeong who from nowhere will some random day expresses his feeling to Kang, and Ahn Ga Yeong who is an actress got used by her ex-boyfriend and ex Manager after which facing trust issue in love and losing faith in it.

Expected Release Date Update

The series is all set to be released on the 5th of July, this year 2021 with an episode count of 16, which is confirmed from the official sources.

So get ready all you k- drama fans out there as we’ll return with every update about your favorite shows across the globe.

We have been tracking the information about this, once we get an official update we will surely update each and every single update.
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