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World’s Oldest Male Giant Panda In Captivity Dies In Hong Kong Zoo: World News Update!!!

Oldest Male Giant Panda Updates: On Thursday, the world’s oldest male panda in captivity went suddenly in a Hong Kong amusement park zoo. An, a panda, was killed at the age of 35, which is equivalent to a person living until age 105.

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Officials at Ocean Park said that the decision was made because he had shown “continuous indicators of decline” over the previous three weeks. In 1999, Hong Kong received An and Jia Jia, its mate, from the Chinese central government. Officials at Ocean Park said that the panda’s food consumption gradually reduced until it eventually stopped eating solid food altogether and just drank water and electrolyte beverages.

The panda’s keepers also noticed that his activity levels had decreased and that his rest intervals were lengthening.The elderly panda’s pain led park officials to ultimately decide to euthanize the bear, they stated in a statement on Thursday.”With many touching moments, An has given us happy memories. His wit and humour would be sorely missed “Paulo Pong, CEO of Ocean Park Corporation, remarked.

Activists specifically criticised Ocean Park for its live dolphin performances, which were later discontinued, though some argue that this was insufficient.

Jason Baker, vice president of PETA, had previously stated that “Ocean Park’s decision to cease its dolphin shows but preserve the animals as a tourist gimmick is a squandered ethical and financial opportunity.”The park still houses a wide variety of animals in captivity, including dolphins and penguins.An An, who was born in the wild in Sichuan, arrived in Hong Kong in 1999 along with his partner.But Jia Jia, his female partner, passed away in 2016 at the age of 38, making her the oldest panda in captivity.Le Le and Ying Ying, two other pandas, are still housed in the Ocean Park Zoo.The species’ average lifespan in the wild is less than 20 years, however they can live longer in captivity.Although China views pandas as a national treasure, it has leased them to other nations in an effort to build diplomatic ties throughout the world.

Oldest Male Giant Panda
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