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World Of Warcraft Mobile Game Cancelled Three Years Into Development: Latest Updates!!!


1. Cancellation resulted from internal disputes between Blizzard and NetEase
2. Warcraft mobile was promoted as a spinoff with a distinct timeline.
3. Warcraft Arclight Rumble, another game for mobile, is currently rated as safe.

World Of Warcraft Updates: Hearthstone, a strategic card-based game that expands on the existing narrative, is the only mobile experience to date based on the Warcraft universe. However, Blizzard revealed two upcoming Warcraft mobile games in March. One of them was confirmed to be Warcraft Arclight Rumble, a strategy game similar to Clash of Clans that employs a vertical screen approach. The other was intended to be the mobile equivalent of the PC version. The unidentified game underwent three years in development before being shelved; it is now known as Neptune. Only a few of the more than 100 personnel responsible for the creation were transferred internally by Chinese game distributor NetEase. Since 2008, the two businesses have collaborated on Hearthstone and managed game publishing in China.

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The decision comes at a particularly fascinating moment as Blizzard attempts to get into the Asian mobile gaming market with its recently released Diablo Immortal. The game has maintained a strong user base from day one despite being laden with a dubious micro transaction model and earning more than $100 million (about Rs. 793 crore) in in-game income. The Bloomberg story also mentions the cancellation of a third Warcraft mobile game, an AR game resembling Pokémon Go. The game had been in development for “more than four years” and was internally known as Orbis.


According to Bloomberg, these cancellations have raised doubts about the future of Activision and NetEase’s partnership. Additionally, Blizzard is currently running an internal (friends-and-family) alpha test for a preliminary version of Diablo IV. Games reporter Jason Schreier posted on Twitter, “Players are under NDA, but I’m hearing generally favourable chatter.”

The tower defence game Warcraft Arclight Rumble is still scheduled to be released on Android and iOS devices. Not to add that the publisher has Dragon flight, the upcoming expansion for World of Warcraft (PC), set for release later this year. Both company spokespeople declined to comment. If the story is true, it indicates that Blizzard is finding it difficult to adjust to the growth of mobile gaming. Even while Diablo Immortal seems to be a hit and is joining the popular Hearthstone, the developers will still have invested a significant amount of money into other games that never attracted players. However, there are compelling reasons to take these chances. Particularly in nations like China, mobile games may be very profitable; according to Sensor Tower estimates, Genshin Impact has made $3 billion since its introduction. A successful game could significantly increase Blizzard’s revenue and increase interest in its current computer and console games.

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