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Women Who Travel For Abortions Will Be Protected Under Roe V. Wade, Says Biden:

President Joe Biden predicted that once the Supreme Court struck down the constitutional right to abortions nationwide, certain US states would attempt to detain women who crossed state boundaries to obtain the surgery.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision to eliminate the constitutional right to abortions nationwide, President Joe Biden warned on Friday that some US states would attempt to arrest women who crossed state boundaries to have abortions.
Following the Supreme Court’s decision to reverse the landmark Roe v. Wade ruling from 1973 last week, thirteen Republican-led states passed so-called “trigger laws” that forbade or severely restricted the practise.

Women in these states might need to travel to states where abortions are still legal if they wish to have one.
Biden stated that he believes “people would be startled when the first state… seeks to arrest a lady for crossing a state boundary to get health treatment” on Friday during a virtual discussion on abortion rights with Democratic state governors.

He added, I don’t think many people genuinely believe that will happen. However, it will occur and signal to the entire nation that this is a significant issue that impacts all of your fundamental rights “.

Biden stated that the federal government will take action to protect women from having to go over state borders to seek an abortion, ensuring their access to medicine in areas where it is outlawed.
Michelle Lujan Grisham, the governor of New Mexico, declared during the meeting that her state “would not cooperate” in any efforts to find and punish abortion-industry victims. She declared, “We won’t extradite.”

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women who travel for abortions will be protected under roe v. wade


Judges in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Utah have already ruled that their states may not enforce new, restrictive abortion laws, while Ohio’s top court on Friday declined to bar the Republican-led state from enforcing an abortion ban.

‘Just a few states’ will have to look for women’s health nationwide, New York Governor Kathy Hochul warned the audience. There is so much worry out there, Hochul remarked. For American women, it is a question of life and death, she continued.”
Biden also told the audience that there weren’t enough votes in the Senate to abolish the filibuster, a supermajority rule, to enshrine the rights established by Roe v. Wade in law.

He had suggested that senators do away with the filibuster, but the idea was rejected by aides to important Democratic lawmakers. The filibuster shouldn’t prevent us from codifying Roe, according to Biden.

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