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Wisconsin: SUV ploughed into Christmas Parade!!


Wisconsin Updates: The incident took place in Waukesha Christmas parade where a SUV actually Ploughed into it leaving around 5 dead and at least 40 injured, as per the statement of the police. The SUV had hit people including children also. According to a witness, he saw the SUV approaching the group of girls performing in the age of 6 to 15 and how mercilessly it hit them.

Wisconsin The motive behind the incident

Although police were not sure and did not say anything about the deliberated intention of the Man who name as per the police’s statement is Darrell Brooks Jr., a man in his late 40s.

In the new conference which Chief Dan Thompson made  this Monday, the chief from the Waukesha Police department, he just confirmed that the suspect  actually drove the SUV intentionally through Barricades into the parade.

Wisconsin: SUV ploughed

Police also stated that the man had left scene of a domestic dispute just minutes ago of the incident and confirmed the assumptions of this being a terror attack as completely false.

Mayor Shawn Reily also told the media about how this incident is a complete nightmare for the people of the town but also spoke assuring words of bringing the community together for the difficult times and the funds are getting setting up for the victims who suffered because of the incident.

No casualties from Police gun shots

The chief also stated in his statement that one of the police officials did started shooting just to stop the SUV and so there have been zero casualties because of that.

The police also stated that the no. of fatalities might be increased as many people are still getting their treatment done for critical injuries.

States top law enforcement officer, Attorney General Josh Kaul also tweeted on the incident and showed confidence in the judiciary to bring the person responsible for this to Justice.

Currently Brooks has two open criminal cases against him in Milwaukee Country.

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