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Will Smith is Expected to Make His First On-screen Appearance Since The Oscars Incident With Chris Rock, The Actor is Reportedly Seeking Therapy

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After hitting comedian Chris Rock on the stage at the Academy Awards 2022, Hollywood actor Will Smith made international headlines. Following the historic incident, the actor faced a lot of hostility from the film industry and his fans.

As a result, the Oscar winner has been barred from attending the Academy’s annual awards show and other activities for the next ten years. Furthermore, following the incident, some of his ideas were apparently scrapped and others were placed on hold.

In the midst of the controversy’s several setbacks, it has been revealed that Will Smith is now taking Therapy

Will Smith

Will Smith is apparently ready to take on the big stage after making his first public appearance since his Oscar suspension in Mumbai. According to the latest sources in Mirror, the Oscar winner will appear on David Letterman’s ‘My Next Guest Needs No Introduction’ chat show.

Smith’s interview is set to run on May 20, but because it was taped before the Oscars, it is unlikely to feature the historic Oscar slap gate story.

Cardi B, Kevin Durant, Billie Eilish, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Ryan Reynolds are among the other notable guests on the evening. Meanwhile, it has been reported that the actor is seeking therapy following his outburst at the Academy Awards. According to Entertainment Tonight, the actress “has been going to therapy after the Oscars incident” with Chris Rock.

Smith was reportedly seen in Mumbai, where he reportedly visited a temple that offers daily meditation and Puja Rites for Followers

Will Smith
Will Smith made international headlines when he smacked Chris Rock at the Academy Awards for making a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith. The star was barred from attending the Oscars for ten years as a result of the event. Several production companies have reportedly abandoned Smith’s projects as a result of the event.

After a copycat attacker stormed the stage and assaulted comedian Dave Chappelle during a concert, the famous couple was back in the spotlight this week.

The Los Angeles City Attorney’s Office charged the guy, identified as Isaiah Lee, with battery, possession of a weapon with intent to assault, and two other misdemeanor crimes.

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