Wild Babies Season 1

Wild Babies Season 1 Series: Latest Updates!!!

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Wild Babies Season 1 Updates: Wild Babies is a new Netflix documentary series that follows the lives of young wild animals as they learn to survive in dangerous situations. Helena Bonham Carter narrates the film.

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Every living thing begins its existence as a newborn. The adventure of life begins the moment you are brn. Some people have a wonderful babyhood filled with playtime with siblings and the carefree delight that comes with developing adult skills. Others face a harsh awakening when they are thrust into a survival game from the start and must learn to survive on their own… or perish.

Born Wild takes us into the private lives of infant animals, allowing us to watch events and relationships that we would otherwise miss. In Wild Babies, which is produced by UK independent Humble Bee Films and will run for eight episodes, Bonham-Carter will expose the animals’ poignant stories. The show will premiere globally on May 5, but Netflix has kept it under wraps until now.


The character-driven series will follow 17 animal families from 16 different nations, with lions, wild canines, sea otters, orangutans, grizzly bears, elephants, bottlenose dolphins, and emperor penguins among the animals featured. Their children will be tracked from birth through developmental milestones and adolescent years.

“With heartwarming stories that will feel connected to viewers throughout the world,” Crosse added, “Wild Babies will resonate with a broad family audience.” “Delivering an ambitious animal series in the midst of a global epidemic posed unexpected obstacles for our team, but what we hadn’t expected were the creative opportunities and novel techniques that also arose.”

Wild Babies Season 1

Netflix’s latest attempt into natural history is this series. Its largest bet to yet has been the Attenborough-narrated Our Planet in 2021, though it has lately confirmed a Predators co-production with Sky.

Bonham Carter, a five-time Emmy nominee, voiced the BBC Earth/BBC America series Eden: Untamed Planet last year, becoming the latest A-lister to narrate natural history documentaries. She also co-stars with Russell T. Davies in the ITV drama Nolly.


Season 1 will premiere on Netflix on May 5, 2022. This wildlife series from the producers of “Life in Color with David Attenborough” features Helena Bonham Carter as the narrator.

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