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Whom Is Lana Condor Dating: Every Updates Here

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Lana Condor‘s onscreen romance with Noah Centineo into All The Boys is charming, but we don’t know much about her real-life relationship with Anthony De La Torre. Lana Condor has been dating Anthony De La Torre for five years and gushes about him in interviews all the time.

The actress has a wonderfully cute onscreen romance with her co-star Noah Centineo (who plays Peter Kavinsky) into All The Boys, but it’s nothing compared to her real! She commented about his pickup line in an interview with Cosmopolitan, admitting that he won her heart when he said, “Hi, I’m Anthony.” I was hoping to make a friend.”

They’ve Has Been Together For 5 Years 

Condor didn’t say which business event the two met at, but it appears they did. De La Torre’s pickup line, she told Us Weekly, was lovely and innocent. I figured I’d make a buddy,” she explained. “life romance! Lana has been in a relationship with Anthony De La Torre for nearly five years! “5 years ago we went on our first date and saw a movie called The Gift,” De La Torre wrote in an Instagram post marking their five-year anniversary. While the plot of the film has nothing to do with our lives, the title of the film is perfect for who you are. The greatest blessing and entrustment I’ve ever received.”

Lana Condor: The Duo Has Collaborated On Three Songs

Last year, Condor and De La Torre released “Raining in London,” “I Like Me Better,” and “No Way.” Sweet duets about their connection are featured in the tunes. They even created a dance to accompany “No Way”:

Lana Condor

They Are In Love With One Other 

Condor revealed in her Cosmopolitan cover story, “There’s no one else on the planet with whom I’d rather spend every day doing nothing… And you can bet I’m going to cling to him like a tiger.” It’s adorable! Despite the fact that the couple is low-key (trolling forced De La Torre to disable comments on Instagram), he still takes care to express his love for Condor on social media.

He Is The One Who Writes Her Love Notes 

As though they were real, pen and paper letters. According to Condor, who spoke to Us Weekly, “He’s done that since we’ve been dating, and I keep all of them. We try to keep the fire burning!” He reminds her of her real-life boyfriend, Peter Kavinsky! Stay connected for further information.

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