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Who is the Boyfriend of Sophie Gogglebox? She Mentioned A New Guy

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Sophie Gogglebox shared a new name of her boyfriend is currently causing a ruckus on the internet. As a result, everyone wants to know about his dating status. As a result, we’ve written this new article to discuss her relationship. But, first, let’s take a quick look at Sophie.

In the United Kingdom, Sophie Sandiford is a well-known television personality. Sophie made a name for herself in the unscripted TV drama industry when she starred in the critically acclaimed British television show Gogglebox. This show follows a group of families from all around the region as they react to various television shows from the comfort of their own homes.

Sophie and her brother Pete were featured on the show in 2018. Sophie Sandiford is a well-known retail window dresser who rose to prominence after appearing on Gogglebox. Since the show’s eleventh season debuted on February 23, 2018, Sandiford has been a cast member.

Sophie is a well-known character on the internet, where she has a large fan base. Sophie Sandiford was born on November 3, 1995, in London, England. Her true age is 26, and her 27th birthday is just a few months away. Why don’t we find out who Sophie’s boyfriend is?

Who Sophie Gogglebox is Dating?

Sophie Goggolebox

Sophie Sandiford gushed over her new Irish partner Ben McKeown on Friday’s episode of Gogglebox, confirming their relationship for the first time. Sophie, 24, who co-stars on Channel 4’s show with her brother Pete, 26, opened up about their new connection after sharing a cute photo with him earlier this month.

As they sat together, Pete questioned about the new man, to which she replied, ‘Really excellent, absolutely.’ ‘I’ve got myself a hunk.’ Sophie then related the story of her brother and boyfriend’s first meeting, in which Pete told Ben he thought he would be taller.

Sophie shared a touching selfie of her new boyfriend, Ben, with her Instagram followers earlier this month. Paige Yeomans posed for a glossy shot while attending a wedding with her new beau and her brother’s wife. Some of the TV stars’ fans congratulated her on her new relationship on Instagram, with one asking, ‘Is Sophie in love?’

More About Pete and Sophie Gogglebox

Sophie Goggolebox
Daily Mail

Pete and Sophie, like the TV show and their accents suggest, are from Blackpool. In addition to their blossoming careers as Gogglebox characters, they both hold day jobs. Sophie, 24, recently found new work after being laid off from her Debenhams retail job.

Pete is a 26-year-old insurance agent. She recently declared on television that she is going back to school to become a florist! Before the pandemic drove us all to stay home, Sophie and Pete used to hang out and share images of their nights out on Instagram.

Pete and Sophie have two other siblings: Harry, a brother, and Lucy, a sister. On National Sibling Day, Sophie captioned a photo of them all together with “the best.” The siblings appeared to get along swimmingly, and Pete recently shared a snapshot of them out on the town with the caption “The fam.”

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