Who Is Meteos’ Girlfriend? His Love Life and Other Details

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The subject of Meteos’ Girlfriend is right now causing contention on the web. Therefore everybody needs to be familiar with his dating status. Consequently, we’ve composed this new article to examine his relationship. Above all, how about we have a brief glance at Meteos.

William Hartman, prominently known as Meteos, is an expert League of Legends player from the United States. Meteos has addressed Cloud9, 100 Thieves (two times), OpTic Gaming, and Fly Quest in the League of Legends Championship Series.

Meteos won an aggregate of two NA LCS titles and showed up in each part during his residency with Cloud9. His sibling acquainted Meteos with League of Legends. Seared was his most memorable most loved champion.

In Season 2, he played ADC; be that as it may, in April 2012, he moved to Jungle. He rose through the positions by playing Skarner, a top dog who became inseparable from him. In Season 3, he favored Jungle Elise. That was a little presentation about Meteos; presently, let us figure out who Meteos’ sweetheart is?

Who Is Meteos’ Girlfriend?


Meteos is right now dating Yoonah, who goes by the Twitter handle @yoonahlol. Fans were truly amazed after Meteos uncovered that he is as of now involved with Yoonah. As indicated by her profile, Yoonah is a gamer and a Twitch decoration. She appreciates hustling and often posts photos of dashing occasions.

Meteos wished his better half a cheerful birthday on Twitter on February 10, 2021. He additionally expressed that having her in his life has been a gift. He likewise asked that everybody compliment her on her birthday.

There’s nothing else that had some significant awareness of Meteos’ past relationship. He has likewise kept his affection life so hidden that two or three have not many pictures with one another on the web.

Meteos Professional Career

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Meteos has a long history of playing “High Elo” standard games, with north of 3500 successes. He and his companions in the end chose to join Team Normal Stars to play in Go4LoL rivalries. Notwithstanding continually winning, they disbanded before the main LCS qualifiers on the grounds that their top layer was too youthful to even consider taking an interest.

Wild Turtle mentioned him to be a sub for Cloud9 after they became companions. He mentioned if he would join full-time on the grounds that the crew hadn’t settled on a Jungler. Meteos joined Cloud9 toward the beginning of March subsequent to showing up in the MLG Rising Stars Invitational and IPL 6 capabilities as a substitute.

His in-game name was initially “Long Dong,” but it was changed to “Short Dog” since it was hostile. Meteos reported his flight as Cloud9’s principal jungler and shot a guest on July 3, 2015. Hai got out of retirement after the declaration to fill in during Summer Split Week 6.

Meteos offered thanks for the local area’s anxiety since many contemplated whether he had a family or medical condition because of a few questionably stated online entertainment refreshes.

Meteos expressed that with him as the shot-guest, the group was not performing at its ideal; that’s what he trusted assuming he remained back until the end of the split to permit another person to the wilderness. “Meteos is a critical piece of Cloud9 and one of the most gifted players on our program,” expressed Cloud9 senior supervisor Jack Etienne.

Meteos actually remains effectively associated with the C9 brand and will even sub for the new jungle depending on the situation. He declared his re-visitation of the dynamic C9 setup as Jungler on May 9, 2016.

More About Meteos 

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Meteos gets back to Cloud 9 as their beginning juggler during the 2016 Summer Split. Incandescently happy had the option to get a play-off position and make it the whole way to the finals fully backed up by new individuals from the crew, like C9 Impact and C9 Smoothie, at last losing to TSM.

Traversing the ringer and beating the Immortals by 3-1. Joyous beyond words equipped for universes again. Meteos declared his takeoff from the fundamental Cloud9 program, moving to the supplanting position fully intent on streaming full-time once more, following a 0-3 misfortune against Samsung Galaxy in the Worlds quarterfinals. Contracts, a beginner jungle, took his spot.

Meteos joined 100 Thieves as their beginning Jungler for the group’s presentation Spring 2018 season on November 23, 2017, with Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho and Yoo “Ryu” Sang-Wook. His group completed first in the Spring 2018 split; nonetheless, they were crushed 3-0 by Team Liquid in the Playoff Finals.

Meteos, then again, was exchanged to Fly Quest for the late spring split of 2018, charging an absence of collaboration and struggle with the mentor, Neil “pr0lly” Hammad. He had some accomplishments with Fly Quest throughout the Summer Split of 2018, coming to the Summer Playoffs prior to being cleared 3-0 by his previous group, 100 Thieves.


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