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Who Is Jason Statham’s Girlfriend? All About The Actor’s Personal Life: Latest Updates

Jason Statham’s Relationship Status: Do you want to know who Jason Statham‘s girlfriend is from the Fast and Furious franchise? Jason Statham is a well-known actor who is well-known for his roles in significant action-thriller films.

Jason has acquitted himself admirably in a variety of roles, ranging from The Italian Job to the Fast and Furious film franchises. While achieving success in his career, the actor keeps a low profile when it comes to his whereabouts.

The actor, on the other hand, has been engaged for some time and is expecting their second kid together. Jason Statham and his boyfriend have been engaged for almost five years but have yet to walk down the aisle.

The pair had stated that the wedding festivities can be postponed for the time being. What is the identity of the mysterious woman who has managed to seduce the action hero?

She is a former supermodel who also has her own line of cosmetics! Let’s take a look at all of Jason Statham’s Girlfriend’s details and lesser-known facts.

Jason Statham’s Girlfriend: Who Is She?

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is Jason Statham’s girlfriend. While the couple’s 20year age difference sparked suspicion, they’ve been together for almost a decade! Many anticipated that because of the age discrepancy, the relationship would be short-lived, but the couple’s love and dedication proved everyone wrong.

Their son’s name is Jack Oscar Statham. The two met on the set of Transformers in 2010, and the former supermodel apparently dazzled the actor with her wits and beauty.

While the couple first kept their blossoming affair out of the spotlight, they made their relationship public at that year’s Coachella Festival in California.

The couple has always maintained a low profile throughout their relationship. Rosie discussed how they want to keep it out of the media spotlight during an interview.

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Jason Statham

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Discusses Her Marriage And Other Topics:

The Hobbs & Shaw actor finally placed a ring on it after a few years of dating! However, the two have been engaged for some time and have no plans to marry anytime soon.

While they have been together for a long time and she believes in marriage, the supermodel stated that being in a good relationship is much more important to her. Here’s a photo of the two from the Vanity Fair Oscar Party from a few years ago.

At the 2016 Golden Globe Awards, the actor and model announced their engagement. The ring’s value is believed to be in the region of $350,000! In 2017, the couple celebrated a big milestone when they welcomed their first child together.

Rosie had stated in an interview that it would be fun to recreate the wedding when the baby is a little older and can participate in the festivities!

When asked about their intentions to walk down the aisle, the couple seemed to think the whole idea was ridiculous since she has to spend a third of her life with her partner.

Jason Statham Is An Amazing Father, According To Rosie Huntington-Whiteley!

Rosie praised her beau, calling him an excellent father while sharing a rare photo of her son on Instagram. Statham, she went on to say, is a supportive and protective boyfriend who is also humorous!

Rosie mentioned that their little kid would make an appearance in a Fast & Furious franchise when fans asked about it. During an Insta Q&A round, she also addressed her and Jason’s height disparity, saying that it’s been 11 years and her man is happy with it!

The former supermodel also discussed a future clothing line, which she is looking into. Despite the fact that the pair have been engaged for some time, they are set to welcome their second kid, making their family even larger!

The wedding festivities can be postponed because the pair is going to commemorate another significant milestone together.

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