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Who Is Ethan Ralph’s Girlfriend? The Aftermath Of His Break-Up!!!

Ethan Ralph Updates: In the latest celebrity news update in USA you are going to get all the information about Who is Ethan Ralph’s romantic partner? the period following his breakup. Learn more about celebrity news today by reading the full article.

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American podcaster Ethan Ralph rose to celebrity for spearheading the Gamergate harassment movement.

Through his now-defunct site, The Ralph Retort, he doxed and even harassed the game developer Brianna Wu during the campaign. The Killstream is the name of his most well-known and main platform.

Before being banned from YouTube and other services, Ethan used to host the Killstream there. Following a month of suspension from the alternative technology streaming site the DLive in early January 2021, the Killstream was hosted on Trovo Live in January 2021.
Apple Podcasts also offers a live broadcast of the programme. Henrik Palmgren, a co-founder of Red Ice, and Lana Lokteff were among the visitors at Killstream.


The United States of America’s Memphis, Tennessee, is where Ethan Ralph was born. Information about his parents or siblings is not well known. Nora Malik, a former spouse of his, predeceased him in marriage.

Ethan uploaded a video to his social media accounts showing him having sex with his then-girlfriend on August 11, 2020, without her knowledge. For such, he was detained in the middle of December 2020.

Initially, the prosecution reinstated the case after the father of Ethan’s ex-girlfriend requested it in February of the following year. This happened by August of that same year.

On January 5, 2022, Ethan entered a nolo contendere plea. He was given a 12-month sentence with probation. Ethan’s mother, who also spread the video, is also his mother-in-law.

For herself and their children, she has two restraining orders against him. According to the most recent news, Ethan was recently arrested. He has always been controversial due to his various political issues.

A live video of a rally against abortion that was taking place in Washington, DC, was made public. From that point on, Ethan was detained; his supporters were upset, while those who opposed him were pleased with the development.

Politics and controversy have always been major themes in Ethan’s podcasts. Additionally, he has been the target of numerous accusations. He is referred to as the livestreamer who supports white supremacy. Additionally, he has been banned from a number of streaming services.
The reason behind Ethan’s arrest is not entirely clear. However, there is a rumour that he was the victim of domestic abuse and that the police received reports about it. This is a rumour from Twitter.

Along with this rumour, a video footage of police approaching a man and telling him that he has been detained because he matches the description of the male cop who came to take him into prison is also becoming viral.

Since the event, there have been no further developments, and it is still unknown why the police kept Ethan. Regarding the arrest, there are only rumours and no conclusive, reliable response.


Furthermore, the Killstream routinely disseminates radical material. Ethan is a well-known alt-right livestreamer who holds white supremacist political ideas. On the Killstream, he has also included a number of notable white nationalists. Ethan describes himself as a conservative of the right.

However, he acknowledged that it would probably be accurate to label him as alt-right in a 2016 interview with The Washington Post.
After being banned from YouTube in November 2018, the Killstream, which was initially hosted there, was made available on the alternative technology platform DLive.

Ethan rose to fame as a figureead in the Gamergate scandal. He harassed and doxxed Brianna Wu, a game developer, during the controversy.

Through YouTube’s Super Chats feature, Ethan received numerous donations for the St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital. Ralph read aloud a few of the fan-written messages that were attached to encourage more people to donate. Some tweets ridiculed the Holocaust or, just days after it occurred, glorified the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting.

St. Jude’s rejected the contributions from Ethan’s supporters and issued refunds for all the contributions made via YouTube through the Killstream channel.

The incident was covered by the Wall Street Journal, and on November 3, 2018, YouTube deleted Ethan’s account. Additionally, payments in bitcoin totaling US $522,000 were made to 22 separate virtual wallets.

Prior to the January 2021 storming of the U.S. Capitol, the majority of them belonged to far-right activists and prominent white nationalists. From this, Ethan received a total gift of about 0.5 BTC, which was then equal to $9 595 USD.

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