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Who Is Dakota Johnson Dating? The Actress Makes Interesting Revelation!


Do you want to know who Dakota Johnson, the star of Fifty Shades of Grey, is dating? However, she did acknowledge that she signed up to do a very different version of the film that ended up making.

Popular actress Dakota Johnson recently opened up about how Fifty Shades of Grey has unquestionably thrust her into the spotlight.

The actress responded that it was a combo when questioned if the director or the studio could have played a part in this problem.

The actress continued by saying there were numerous disagreements and that she has never been able to discuss them openly because at the time she wanted to promote a movie in the proper manner.

She added that while she is proud of the final product and that everything went according to plan, the process was certainly challenging.


Chris Martin and Dakota Johnson are dating. Nearly five years into their relationship, they are still going strong. In 2017, the two initially fueled romance rumours.

Although the couple has a reputation for keeping their whirlwind relationship private, they have occasionally shown their love for one another. During a Coldplay concert in 2021, Chris Martin sang a song called Universe as a dedication to his love.

Johnson and Martin assisted Barbara Streisand in planning a memorable 80th birthday celebration that included a tea gathering earlier this year. Streisand shared a picture from the party with the pair.

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The song is about his universe, according to the well-known musician, Dakota Johnson also briefly discussed her relationship with Martin later in December 2021 while expressing how Being cosy and secluded at home is lovely.

She continued by describing how they spend their downtime binge-watching Squid Game.

The two collaborated while Dakota directed Coldplay’s Cry, Cry, Cry music video. The actress revealed during her discussion of the experience that directing Chris Martin’s Coldplay music video was quite fantastic!


Dakota Johnson and her boyfriend Chris Martin have insisted on keeping their relationship a secret, but the actress has now opened up about why she feels the need to do so.

The Persuasion actress explained that she views those kinds of relationships differently now that she has grown up in her family, where things weren’t always cool.

The actress continued by saying that she didn’t want other children to go through anything similar, that it’s better to be kind, and that it’s also really good that everyone loves each other and looks out for one another.

When they were on their way to the beach and Dakota lost her glasses, her beau made her feel the proportion of “seals,” Dakota recounted. Chris Martin, however, simply allowed her to believe they were seals the entire time!

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