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Who Is Bretman Rock’s Ex-Boyfriend? Everything We Know!

Here is Everything We Know About Celebrity News Today: Who Is Bretman Rock’s Ex-Boyfriend? Everything We Know!

Let’s chat about Bretman Rock’s rumoured ex-boyfriend. Bretman Rock is renowned for his odd behaviour and unwavering sincerity. He has been rather open about his personal life.

He has reached the point where it is no longer awkward for him to admit that he is currently effectively single. However, not very long ago, the social media celebrity had a partner whom he kept a secret from his fans.

Bretman Rock: Who is He?

Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock Sacayanan Laforga, a Filipino-American social media personality and fashion influencer, was born on July 31, 1998, in Honolulu, Hawaii.

He became well-known as a producer on YouTube and Vine in 2015 after one of his videos about contouring went viral. Rock is well renowned for making tutorial videos for makeup and for having a funny view of life.

His appearances in music videos include MTV’s Foregoing: Bretman Rock (2021), and in October 2021, he made history by becoming the first openly gay man to grace the Playboy cover.

Who is the Ex-Boyfriend of Bretman Rock?

Bretman Rock
Business Insider India

Bretman has been open about having a relationship, but we still don’t know who his mysterious ex-boyfriend was (and being alone now). Bretman’s makeup was applied by the boyfriend when he first appeared on the network, but he opted to hide his own face to protect his privacy.

Actually, that makes perfect sense. Dating someone with a sizable online following is probably fairly difficult for a variety of reasons, so for many people who don’t seek attention for themselves, opting to maintain some kind of personal anonymity sounds like a pretty reasonable choice.

He asserted in yet another tweet that day that his ex-boyfriend didn’t have any social media accounts. He seemed to be a little pissed up that people were invading the couple’s privacy. In April 2020, he added another tweet that appeared to be somewhat angry.

He promised his followers in the tweet that they would not find his companion online and asked them to not take any assumptions made by “detective losers” at face value.

When did the Relationship End?

Bretman Rock
NBC News

Rock frequently discussed his ex-partner on his social media platforms. On Valentine’s Day in 2020, he sent him sweet tweets.

He had posted a YouTube video to his channel that featured his friend donning makeup. However, because he wasn’t in the photo, the boyfriend’s identity is still a mystery.

As soon as Rock tweeted about their breakup, the happiness vanished. In his first tweet, he wrote, “Girl, I got something to tell y’all.

After that, he tweeted again, requesting odd behaviour from his followers. The comic suggested fans to use Spotify’s fifth suggestion to look for Big Sean’s songs.

The song was “Single Again.” Definitely a creative way to end a relationship! Before he made the separation official, Rock shared a video with the message “Get ready for a Zoom date with me!” Bretman seems to be doing even better than before, in fact.

The YouTuber is liked and respected more than he could imagine as if he didn’t already know. Fans have been rushing to give him lots of love and supportive comments as if he didn’t know, as if he needed it more than before.

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