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Where Are The X1 Members Now? Know Where They Are Now!!!

X1 Members Updates: X1 had been one of the best kid gatherings, so it is normal why individuals would ponder where are the X1 individuals now. The kid bunch X1 comprised of eleven individuals who had been chosen through the endurance program Produce X 101. The part looked over the stabilities show were Kim Yohan, Kim Wooseok, Han Seungwoo, Song Hyeong Jun, Cho Seung Youn, Song Dong Pyo, Lee Han Gyul, Nam Do Hyun, Cha Jun Ho, Kang Minhee, Lee Eun-sang. The kid bunch X1 appeared with the single Flash on August 27, 2019.

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Indeed, even before their introduction, there had been a great deal of publicity about them. They were even named the eleventh most arising specialists by Billboards. Obviously, the gathering had been exceptionally famous and made a ton of progress, and acquired a great deal of fans in a short measure of time. In any case, despite the fact that the gathering was to keep going for quite some time, as the Mnet Vote Manipulation examination occurred and the X1 individuals’ singular organizations couldn’t come to an understanding, the gathering unfortunately needed to disband only a couple of months after their presentation on January 6, 2020.

From that point forward, the X1 individuals have found their own appeal, whether it be acting or music or turning into a piece of a gathering. In this way, right away, let us begin seeing where the X1 individuals are presently!


Getting going with the head of the X1 individuals, Han Seungwoo, where could he presently be? After X1’s disbandment, Han Seungwoo went on with VICTON’s gathering advancements. He even appeared as a soloist with the Extended play Fame. Besides, he even made his acting presentation in a K-show with Love#Hashtag as Lee Shi Woo.


Seungyoun or as he is all the more famously known as WOODZ, proceeded with his independent exercises as WOODZ. After the disbandment of X1, he got back in the saddle with his originally Extended Play Equal. Throughout the long term, WOODZ has transformed the K-popular industry with his wonderful music styles and topics.


Kim Wooseok, otherwise called Wooshin, where is the visual of the X1 individuals now? Kim Wooseok delivered his performance debut broadened play first Desire (Greed). He even made his K-show debut as Lee Hyun Jin from Twenty.


Where could the essence of the gathering and the focal point of X1 currently be? Kim Yohan made his performance debut with the computerized single No More. Through the K-show jobs that he played the previous year, we are certain that he even has an energetic acting vocation ahead. Kim Yohan acted in two school romantic comedies last year, otherwise known as School 2021 and A Love So Beautiful.


Lee Hangyul proceeded to make a sun-unit with an individual X1 part named H&D, yet the team before long disbanded. Then, Hangyul proceeded to make a big appearance with the kid bunch BAE173 as the pioneer, fundamental artist, and entertainer of the gathering.


Junho proceeded to make a big appearance with Woolim Entertainment’s new kid bunch DRIPPIN. DRPPIN appeared in 2020 with Boyager, and Junho is the visual focus, the essence of the gathering, and the lead performer.


Dongpyo proceeded to make a big appearance with the kid bunch MIRAE on March 17. He has likewise been credited for composing My Dear Friend, a melody in MIRAE’s third small collection Marvelous.


Minhee appeared as an individual from CRAVITY close by another X1 part. He is the lead singer and visual of CRAVITY. Presently, he is a MC of the Music show ‘The Show’.


Lee Eunsang proceeded with his profession as an individual from Younite and furthermore as an entertainer. The previous X1 part is presently the fundamental performer and a co-head of Younite. He made his introduction as an entertainer through the job of Kang Ha Woon from Part-time Mello.


Hyengjun likewise appeared as an individual from CRAVITY with individual X1 part Minhee. He is the primary artist and a performer of CRAVITY.


Dohyun additionally appeared with BAE173 with Hangyul. The two had first made a sub-join yet later on disbanded and combined the gathering.

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