When Will Keep Sweet Pray And Obey Season 2 Released? Has It Been Cancelled!!!

Keep Sweet Pray And Obey Season 2

Keep Sweet Pray And Obey Season 2 Updates: In the latest entertainment news today you are going to get all the details about a TV series called Keep Sweet Pray And Obey Season 2.

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Are there any plans for Keep Sweet Pray and Obey Season 2?A Netflix documentary series by Rachel Dretzin on life in the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is titled Keep Sweet Pray and Obey.

According to rumours, the show will return for Keep Sweet Pray and Obey Season 2, and if given the chance, the docuseries’ creator wants to document the process of reintegrating people into society once they leave the FLDS.

A potential Keep Sweet Pray and Obey Season 2 may be in the works because the show’s creator claimed there was a lot they didn’t have time or space to cover.

They always wished they had had more opportunities to observe how these people recovered and built new lives for themselves after being saved since they lacked the necessary skills to assimilate into society. It’s astounding and astonishing that they managed to do it on their own.


This could be a potential narrative for Keep Sweet Pray and Obey S02 because those who leave the FLDS generally have to start their lives with little money, education, or knowledge of the outside world.

If you recall from the series, Rebecca Musser makes a passing reference to life inside the cult: they didn’t know who the president was, and she had no concept what Friends was.

We would really like to see Keep Sweet Pray and Obey S02 if it is possible. After leaving the church, they often have to enter society for the first time as adults, and we are really curious about it.

The director added that they wished they had more time to tell the story but that there was a lot to say and just 4 episodes were available.

Keep Sweet Pray and Obey Season 1 was designed to be condensed because every single person they encountered had a lengthy tale to share.

Since many people are unaware that a cult like the FLDS exists in plain sight in 21st-century America, this docuseries aims to increase public awareness of the FLDS. Because there are still many people who adhere to these laws and practises, we hope that this will increase awareness of the issue. We hope that viewers will acknowledge and honour the strength of the women who successfully escaped the cage and rebuilt their lives in the docuseries, as the director also hopes.

We are eager to learn more about these wonderful escaped women in S02 of Keep Sweet, Pray, and Obey.


There has been no official announcement regarding the second season since Keep Sweet: Pray or Obey debuted on June 8, 2022.

But once we know the ratings, we might be able to predict whether or not Keep Sweet Pray and Obey S02 will be made. Netflix will work to create a second season if the show receives positive reviews from fans.

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Keep Sweet Pray And Obey Season 2

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