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When Did Katie Thurston and John Hersey Start Dating? A Timeline from the Bachelorette and Beyond

Katie Thurston had no idea what she was offering when she said her Bachelorette finale would be a “first” for the series. She was chosen by ABC to star in season 17 of The Bachelor after her presence on season 25, which premiered in early 2021.

After that, she traveled to Palm Springs to meet 30 individuals for a movie, among them bartender John Hersey. She eliminated the Californian during Week 2 of the competition. Blake Moynes joined the cast when there were just 14 men left in season 16 of The Bachelorette in 2020.

The Canadian native acknowledged reaching out to Thurston while Matt James’ season was airing because he believed the two would get along. After Greg Grippo and Michael Allio, two of Thurston’s top four withdrew, she awarded Moyne’s her final rose and eliminated Justin Glaze.

On the August 2021 season finale of The Bachelorette, Thurston, and Moynes got engaged. The couple admitted to Us Weekly at the time that they weren’t in a rush to live together as they planned their lives after the program. Moyes acknowledged to the Us in October that the two of them were “winging” things as she was departing for work in Africa.

Let’s have a look at the Katie Thurston and John Hersey Relationship Timeline

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In a nutshell, we’re attempting to solve the mystery. We don’t know. We are still adjusting to it. I’m only focusing on myself, and he’s only focusing on himself. If we can improve that together, that would be great. If not “ As he exited the backstage area of Whitney Cummings’ comedy event, Thurston spoke to Us. A few days after the performance, Thurston and Moynes got engaged.

Later, she told her Instagram followers that since their relationship wasn’t working, they “owe it to each other” to end it. Thurston told fans, “Blake and I are quite level-headed and mature, and we communicate very well on our opinions. We were together for six months.”

On October 31, 2021.”And we both knew that staying together wouldn’t be in our best interests for our future happiness if our first six months as a couple were like this. ”Following the separation on November 9, 2021, Moynes acknowledges that things haven’t been “easy” for him. Later that month, according to Us, Thurston was eating Hersey.

After the season, Katie and John reportedly grew good friends, according to a statement from her representative. John has supported her sister through all of the significant changes in her life, and they are both ready to explore their brand-new romantic relationship.

The couple affirms that they will be relocating to Thurston’s home in March 2022. But by June, they had already called it quits.

Statement: No, we are not together, she wrote on Instagram Stories.


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