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Welcome to Eden Ending Explained, and much more

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Welcome to Eden Ending: Zoa and Charly begin their escape plot after Eloy cuts the electricity at the second Eden Festival. Charly dashes to the cave retrieve an oxygen tank and swim to the boat. But Zoa is hesitant to join him at first.

Meanwhile, Africa is looking through Astrid and Erick’s belongings in the committee room of their flat. She finds a star pendant and hangs it on the wall painting. This unlocks a hidden door that leads to an elevator. Africa climbs onto the elevator.

Zoa makes it to the cave and begins digging in the sand for an oxygen tank, but Ulises discovers her and attacks her right away. Ibon appears and tackles Ulises to the ground while Ulises strangles Zoa. They battle until Ibon triumphs and drowns Ulises. Mayka flies her drone beside Charly to keep an eye on him as he makes his way to the boat. But she doesn’t turn on him in the end.

Eloy emerges in the cave and informs Zoa and Ibon that he will take care of Ulises. After that, he instructs Zoa to swim to the boat. Zoa stands up and begins swimming toward the boat. Africa exits the elevator and walks into a room filled with machinery. She notices an “open” button on one of the devices. When she presses the button, a computer in Isaac’s module displays a warning that a signal is being sent to space. Isaac exits his module and notices that the antenna has been turned on.

Africa tries unsuccessfully to switch off the alert in the secret room. Meanwhile, Zoa is getting closer to the boat, while Eloy is pulling Ulises’ body deeper into the water. Africa tries but fails to make it into the elevator before it closes. She’s now locked in the hidden room. Zoa sees Gabi arrive on the island as she makes her way to the boat. After that, the credits are cut.

Welcome to Eden Ending: What Does the Eden Foundation stand For?

We can’t say for sure what the Eden Foundation is, but based on what Astrid and Erick said, we tried to figure it out. Astrid and Erick founded the Eden Foundation because they think that climate change will soon wipe humanity out. They discovered Eden and built their own home on the island to shelter themselves and a small group of others.

Welcome to Eden Ending: What is Issac’s Name?

 Welcome to Eden

Everyone wants to know the answer to this question. Isaac’s true identity is unfortunately unknown. We only know he’s a small boy who appears to be the lone child on the island. In episode 2, we first encounter Isaac when Zoa finds him monitoring her outside her module. Later in the series, Astrid takes Erick to see him for assistance, and we see him again. The last time we see Isaac is in the season’s last episode. He appears to be ecstatic that the antenna has been turned on.

At the start of the series, I honestly believed Isaac was a spirit or ghost. Why? When Zoa walked outside to try to talk to him, he vanished in an instant. But I realized Isaac was alive when I saw him talking to Astrid and Erick.

We didn’t get to learn much about Isaac this season because he didn’t appear in many scenes. I’m guessing this was done on purpose by the authors to set up a second season. We do learn, though, that Isaac want to leave Eden. In Isaac’s module, we also notice a crayon drawing of what appears to be Isaac, Astrid, and Erick on a wall. Isaac, Astrid, and Erick are holding hands and gaze out into the distance in the drawing.

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