War In Ukraine: Cyber-Attack On Major Internet Provider:

War In Ukraine: Cyber-Attack On Major Internet Provider:

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War In Ukraine: Cyber-Attack On Major Internet Provider

After successfully repelling a significant cyber-attack, Ukraine’s main telecoms operator, Ukrtelecom, is restoring internet services. Customers’ access was restricted to protect military users and key infrastructure, according to the business.

Netblocks, a global internet monitoring service, said it was the most serious outage to hit Ukrtelecom since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine began last month.

According to Netblocks, the connection has dropped to 13% of pre-war levels. However, users of other internet providers in Ukraine who talked to the BBC said they had no problems.

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Ukrtelecom claims to be the country’s largest fixed internet provider in terms of geographic coverage, but second in terms of client numbers to Kyivstar. Because of the devastation caused by the Russian invasion,

it told the BBC that it was only able to provide roughly 80% of its full coverage. Ukrtelecom CEO Yuriy Kurmaz said in a statement that a powerful hostile cyber attack was launched against the company’s IT infrastructure.

“We were forced to temporarily restrict internet access to most private users and commercial clients in order to protect the key network infrastructure and not disrupt services to the Armed Forces,

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War In Ukraine: Cyber-Attack On Major Internet Provider:

other military bodies, and users of critical infrastructure,” he added. Mr. Kurmaz stated that the attack had been successfully repelled and that services were progressively being restored.

Ukraine’s State Service For Special Communication And Information Protection.

led by Yurily Shchyhol, said its specialists responded immediately to the situation and successfully repelled the attack. Alp Toker, director of Netblocks, told the BBC before the company revealed details of the incident that they had observed users

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“The network went down gradually throughout the day, indicating that the problem isn’t with cabling or interconnections, but with the operator’s data center’s central infrastructure. This could be a sign of a cyber-attack “.

“This also means that the incident has a national impact, extending beyond the tensest war zones that have so far borne the brunt of Ukraine’s network failures and disruptions.” Mr. Toker, on the other hand, claimed that access was still available through other mobile networks and providers.

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