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Walgreens staff are allegedly refusing to sell birth control and condoms “because of my faith”.

After several consumers published their attempts to acquire birth control from the pharmacy company, Walgreens became the subject of a social media uproar with many advocating for boycotts.

Social media users have started spreading stories about how Walgreens staff in the US have refused to let people buy things like condoms or birth control due to their religious convictions.

Nate Pentz, a Twitter user, said earlier this month that a store in Hayward, Wisconsin refused to sell him and his partner, Jess, condoms.

The Walgreens worker told the couple he couldn’t sell them condoms “because of my beliefs,”  according to Pentz;

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Pentz also uploaded a picture of the couple’s letter of complaint to the business. Abigail Martin, a TikTok user, said two days prior that a staff member had refused her request for a birth control prescription and advised her to speak with her doctor instead.

She claims that when she went back after her provider informed her that she had four prescriptions left, a different worker informed her that the business had been having problems with the customer who assisted Martin.

As more customers complained of the same issues, calls for a boycott of the business increased. Many people, including actor Michaela Watkins, used the hashtag #BoycottWalgreens on Twitter.

“I’m going to participate in the boycott. Not a good enough. Women aren’t farm animals. You do not possess us. #BoycottWalgreens, “She composed.

Walgreens stated that its “rules are designed to guarantee we meet the needs of our patients and consumers while respecting the religious and moral convictions of our team members” in a statement to NBC Chicago.

The business said in a statement that although they were uncommon, when a team member had a moral or religious objection to finishing a transaction, they were expected to direct the consumer to another employee or management who was present and would finish the transaction.

Our priority is serving the requirements of our patients and ensuring that they have access to the birth control medications they require while also abiding by all current pharmacy laws and regulations.

Different states have trigger laws that demand extra actions be taken when administering some medicines. Our pharmacists closely collaborate with prescribers in these states to fill valid, clinically necessary prescriptions.

We want our pharmacists to be able to fill prescriptions in line with existing rules and regulations, thus we continuously train and inform them about the most recent requirements in their field.

Religiously motivated service refusals have already made news, including one case that reached the Supreme Court in 2018. The Colorado baker who refused to produce a wedding cake for a same-sex couple out of religious objection won the case, according to the court.

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