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Vladimir Putin Is Consulted By The President Of Sri Lanka To Help With Fuel Purchases!!!

Vladimir Putin Updates: The president of Sri Lanka claims that during the country’s worst economic crisis in decades, he pleaded with his Russian counterpart to assist his cash-strapped island nation in importing fuel.

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Without foreign currency Sri Lanka has struggled to import necessities due to years of poor economic management and the COVID-19 crisis, which has resulted in significant shortages of petrol, food, and medication.

The president of #Russia, Vladimir Putin, and I had a very fruitful telecon, wrote Gotabaya Rajapaksa in a tweet on Wednesday.
In addition to thanking him for all of the assistance provided by his government in the past to overcome obstacles, he continued, “I requested an offer of credit help to import petroleum to #lka in order to overcome the current econ issues.”

As part of sanctions related to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Western nations have generally stopped importing energy from Russia.
Since the invasion in late February, the price of oil has risen around the world, leading many nations to turn to Russian fuel, which is being sold at significant discounts.


Due to a severe fuel scarcity brought on by Sri Lanka’s economic crisis, the government was forced to close schools and request that everyone else work from home in order to reduce the consumption of the scarce supplies.

The government previously stated that due to Sri Lanka’s petroleum corporation’s significant debt, no one is ready to deliver oil to Sri Lanka, not even for cash.

In order to get through the crisis, Sri Lanka has already purchased oil from Russia, and the government has said it is willing to do so again.
In order to further cement the goodwill between our two countries, Rajapaksa added, “We unanimously decided that expanding bilateral cooperation in industries such as tourism, trade, & culture was vital.”

Vladimir Putin


In order to increase the number of visitors from its populated northern neighbour and to generate more foreign currency, Sri Lanka will also hold road shows in five Indian towns, according to the country’s tourism minister.
Known for its undulating hills, immaculate beaches, and relaxed seaside towns, Sri Lanka has experienced a steady trickle of 61,951 Indian tourists in the first five months of this year, the highest of any foreign country.
“If Sri Lanka is to recover from this catastrophe, it has to generate cash from tourism. Harin Fernando, the tourism minister, told reporters that it was crucial.

Fernando voiced his expectation that despite certain countries, including the United Kingdom, issuing warnings advising residents to only travel to Sri Lanka when absolutely essential, the country would complete the year with roughly one million tourists, up from less than 200,000 arrivals the previous year.
We are confident that the winter season will be successful, Fernando said.

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