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Vivo: A animation Film Coming In 2021 By Sony Pictures!

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Vivo Updates: is one of the most interesting upcoming American computer-animated musical films. Here, let us discuss the release date and all information about this film. Vivo is one of the most interesting upcoming American films. It is the genre of the computer-animated musical film. Kirk DeMicco is the director of this film.

Lisa Stewart, Rich Moore, and Michelle L.M. Wong is the producer of this film. The screenplay for this film was done by Quiara Alegria Hudges and Kirk DeMicco. Peter Barsocchini is the story writer of this film. Roger Deakins is the cinematographer of this film. Erika Dapkewicz is the editor of this film. Columbia Pictures and Sony Pictures Animation is the production company of this film. Sony Pictures Releasing the distributor of this film. The United States is the country of origin and English is the original language of this film.

Vivo: Plot Lines

This film runs with the capuchin monkey where it is with the thirst for the adventure and also the passion for music that makes a treacherous passage which is from the Havana, Cuba to the Miami, Florida and that is pursuit of his dreams to fulfill his life’s destiny. This runs with an interesting plot and many of the fans are eagerly waiting to watch this film.



Vivo: Cast and Characters

Writing credits for this film are Peter Barsocchini, Kirk DeMicco, Quiara Alegria Hudes, and Lin-Manuel Miranda. Dale Jones, Amy McBeth, and Corbin Sterling are the members of the Editorial Department. Many people involved in the visual effects, an animation department, and many other departments are also included in this film.

Vivo: Development

This film was the origins that trace back to 2010 and when Lin-Manuel Miranda that is pitched in an idea of the film that is to DreamWorks Animation following success in the stage of musical In the Heights. Music director Lin-Manuel Miranda would be writing 11 songs for this film on 14th December 2016.

Release Details

This film was released theatrically on 18th December 2020 and again it moved to a month earlier to 6th November 2020. Again it was announced on 1st November 2019 that it was moved to 16th April 2021. Then it was moved due to the coronavirus pandemic to 4th June 2021. We have been tracking each and every single update about this film once we get the official update we will upload it to this page. There is an extraordinary trailer clip and it’s available on the online platform. So fans can take an overview of this film. We will surely update each and every single update. I hope fans will be satisfied with this information. It is also requested to share this video and stay tuned for more updates.

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