Vin Diesel Dethrones Prince William As 2022 World’s Hottest Bald Man!!!!

Vin Diesel

Vin Diesel Updates: Vin Diesel, a Hollywood icon, has defeated Duke of Cambridge Prince William to become the 2022 World’s Hottest Bald Man.

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In a research conducted by SEO company Reboot, Dominic Toretto from the “Fast & Furious” movie series won the prize for 2022 with a 6.46 out of 10 rating.

The study takes into account a variety of factors, including height, financial worth, Twitter sentiment analysis, and facial Golden Ratio, according to


According to the study, Diesel has a relatively shining head with a cranial brightness of 563.65 candelas per square metre, or 70.46 percent of the luminance of an ordinary light bulb. The actor, who is 55 years old, is also a little bit taller than the typical male at 5-foot-9.

With a score of 6.13, Prince William, who had previously won the competition twice in a succession, fell to No. 5.

His tall height of 6-foot-2, which places him as the second tallest in the group, is one of the factors that helped him stay in the top five. According to the report, 15.69% of all tweets about Prince William feature sexual imagery.

Actor Stanley Tucci finished in second place with a score of 6.33. Shemar Moore, the actor from “S.W.A.T.,” finished in third despite having a head that reflects light at a higher percentage than Diesel’s (71.85% of a typical light bulb).

We fed a few pictures of each star into a computer vision algorithm, which recognised important traits, or facial “landmarks,” according to Reboot.

Reboot claimed that when the golden ratio—a theory that explains what makes someone attractive based on the dimensions of their face, as well as their net worth and height—was taken into account, Diesel came out on top.

Other aspects, such as how frequently the bald hotties were referred to as “sexy” on Twitter, were also taken into consideration.

The gleaming bald head was another factor. Every celebrity on the list had a hand in it as well.

Diesel’s slick top reflected light at a rate of 563,65 candelas per square metre, or 70,46% of the brightness of an ordinary light bulb.

Dwayne Johnson, Diesel’s old Fast & Furious co-star, barely placed ninth. The tallest of the group at 6-foot-4, the former wrestler-turned-actor received a 3.62 out of 10 rating.

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Vin Diesel

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