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Vestaria Saga 2 The Sacred Sword Of Silvanister Game: Latest Updates!!!

Vestaria Saga 2 Updates: The exploits of Zade are continued in Vestaria Saga II, which brings the stories of him and his friends to an exciting, rewarding conclusion. As they learn more about the evil Margulites and their scheme to drag Vestaria into a new age of darkness, they will run into both new and old allies.

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In the strategy RPG series Vestaria Saga, success depends heavily on player posture, movement, and firepower. Engage pirates, rebels, monsters, imperial soldiers, and anybody else standing in your way by moving your heavily equipped units around a grid-based, traditionally designed terrain.

Vestaria Saga II focuses on the further adventures of Zade, the protagonist from Vestaria Saga I, bringing the tales of him and his companions to an exciting, satisfying conclusion. Vestaria Saga I covered the battles that took place in the Solvian-Meledian War.

Zade will meet both new and old allies on his epic journey, learning more about the nefarious Margulites and their scheme to usher Vestaria into a new dark era.


• Compared to its predecessor, this game features new classes, equipment, and abilities that may be used on a larger range of maps.

• Conversations with allies now result in stat increases and other benefits.

• The traditional VS system has undergone numerous significant enhancements to the quality of life.

• An exciting campaign of international intrigue, battle, and espionage written by veterans of the genre

• Various plot lines and conclusions depending on your decisions and who endures until the end

• There are over 30 different characters to choose from who have a variety of classes, weapons, and skills.

• complex maps with a variety of monsters and challenging challenges to solve

• Two precisely calibrated difficulty settings to suit both experienced and novice strategy players

• the capacity to save every five turns, allowing you to rapidly correct any errors you may have made during a combat.

• a complete English screenplay that a seasoned translator transcribed from the original Japanese

• Another instalment in a series of strategy role-playing games (SRPGs) based on Japanese SRPG customs.


The Solvian Emperor Manneus formally declared war on the island nation after a ship carrying a Solvian imperial ambassador was unintentionally set afire in Meledian waters.

Solvia’s imperial armies quickly landed on Meledian coasts under the command of the renowned general Ajax. Following Meleda’s crucial loss in the Battle of Frist, the Empire moved swiftly to annex the royal capital of Regina.

Vestaria Saga 2

Meleda was forced to witness its attackers ruthlessly wipe 500 years of history from the face of the map after being crushed beyond any possibility of recovery.

Consequently, a year passed. The young princess Athol, who was once believed to have vanished, mysteriously appeared in the royal capital and, after a bloody fight, set its people free.



• Windows 7 OS

• CPU: A 2.0 GHz or faster Intel® Pentium® 4 processor.

• RAM: 512 megabytes

• 1024 x 768 pixels or higher for graphics on a desktop

• Storage: 430 MB of space are free

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