US President Election Of 2020

US President Election 2020: Breaking News of White House

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US President Election 2020 Updates: Today I am going to share the updates of counting and the result of the US presidential election 2020.
In US PRESIDENTIAL Election 2020, 4 candidates qualified to appear as presidential candidates in the United State of American. They are:-
Donald Trump, Joe Biden, Howie Hawkins, and Jo Jorgensen.

The election for the next president of the United States was held on November 3, 2020. On 03 Nov 20, a smooth election was conducted. To get into the white house candidates required 270 electoral college votes.

US President Election Of 2020
Presently counting of the votes started and as per the latest updates, the margins of votes are exceedingly very tightly between Donald Trump and Joe Biden in the battleground across the United States.

As per the latest confirmation, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is just a few electoral college votes away from the magical number 270. As of now, Joe Biden has won 264 electoral college votes. He just needs six more to win the race to the White House. As per the confirmation Biden is expected to win the key to the states of Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin. He also has an edge in Nevada, this will probably help him to achieve this magical number or we can say the lock code of the White House.

US President Donald Trump, who is presently leading in the states of Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Georgia, currently have won 214 electoral votes, However, he is 50 votes behind Biden.

In a press conference on Wednesday, President Trump accused Biden of election fraud and he further moved to the US Supreme Court over the results.
Presently counting of votes in progress and we will surely update about the result. So stay tuned for the latest updates. If you like this video please click on the like button and do subscribe for the latest updates.

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