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US-Led Coalition Capture Senior Is Leader In North Syria Raid: Latest Updates!!!

North Syria Raid Updates: In a night-time assault in northern Syria, US-led coalition forces claim to have seized a senior leader of the terrorist group Islamic State (IS).According to a coalition statement, the individual was “an expert bomb builder and operational facilitator.”Hani Ahmed all-Kurdi was his name, according to officials.

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Two helicopters dropped troops in alHumayra, near the Turkish border in opposition held Aleppo province, according to a monitoring group.According to the UKbased Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, there were seven minutes of gun skirmishes between forces and residents within the village before the helicopters flew out.

About North Syria Raid

It was later reported that they landed in a base in the Kobane region of eastern Aleppo province, which is controlled by Turkish backed rebel fighters.Mohammed Youssef, a resident of alHumayra, claimed the military assaulted a house on the outskirts of the hamlet where he believed displaced persons from Aleppo were living.”We walked towards the home after the helicopters left and saw the women tied up and the children in the field,” he told the AFP news agency.”We know where one of the men is, but we don’t know where the other two are. ‘They abducted a man named Fawaz,’ they stated after we freed them [the ladies].”

North Syria Raid

The mission was “carefully designed to minimise the potential of collateral damage or civilian harm,” according to the coalition statement.”The operation was a success; no civilians were hurt, no coalition personnel were injured, and no coalition aircraft or assets were damaged.”According to the Washington Post, the arrested IS leader was Ahmed Kurdi, who was also known as the “wali,” or governor, of Raqqa.Raqqa is a city east of Aleppo that served as the de facto capital of IS’s “caliphate” declared in 2014 after the group captured huge swaths of Syria and Iraq and imposed its cruel rule on millions of people.The coalition and the Kurdish led Syrian Democratic Forces militia alliance drove the group out of its final piece of land in 2019, but the UN thinks it still has between 6,000 and 10,000 fighters in Syria and Iraq who carry out hit-and-run attacks, ambushes, and roadside bombings.In February, US special forces carried out a similar operation in Idlib province, which resulted in the death of IS’s then overall leader, Abu Ibrahim alHashimi alQurayshi.Qurayshi, whose true name is Amir alMawla, killed himself and members of his family by detonating a bomb inside his bunker.IS then nominated Abu alHassan alHashemi alQurayshi as his successor, without giving any other information about him.

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