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US agrees to ease Trump-era sanctions on Cuba

Here is the latest update about the US Agrees to ease Trump to ease Trump-era Sanctions on Cuba. Former President Donald Trump imposed harsh sanctions on Cuba, and US officials have revealed intentions to lift them.

Restrictions on family remittances and travel to the island will be relaxed under new policies adopted by the Biden administration. Cuban visas will be processed faster in the United States. The action, according to State Department spokesperson Ned Price, will allow Cuban citizens to live lives free of “government persecution.”

A limit on family remittances, which are monies sent from migrants in the United States to family members in Cuba, will be lifted if sanctions are eased. Migrants could previously only send $1,000 (£811) every three months. The revised policies also allow for donations to non-family members.

Officials from the United States, however, stressed that they will utilize civilian “electronic payment processors” to ensure that such payments do not reach “those who conduct human rights abuses.”

They also stated that no names will be removed from the Cuba Restricted List, a State Department database of enterprises tied to Havana’s communist government with which US nationals are prohibited from conducting business.

More charter and commercial flights to Havana would be accessible, US consular services on the island will be extended, and family reunion programs will be revived, according to a Biden administration official speaking to CBS News.

Following a period of détente under former President Barack Obama, Mr. Trump issued a series of sanctions against the Cuban regime in 2017. His administration shortened visa processing times, restricted remittances, and made it more difficult for Americans to visit Cuba for reasons other than family trips.

How Mr. Trump justified his decision of reversing the Obama era.

Business Insider

Mr. Trump justified his decision to reverse Obama-era deals by citing human rights concerns, and he chastised his predecessor for striking a deal with the country’s “brutal” leadership. The statement was greeted positively by Cuba’s foreign minister, who described it as “a little step in the right direction.”

However, Bruno Rodriguez pointed out that the strategy “does not affect the embargo” that has been in place since 1962, and that “neither the objectives nor the key instruments of the United States’ failed policy against Cuba are changing.”Meanwhile, a top Democratic Party official has slammed the move.

Senator Bob Menendez, the head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, slammed the relaxation of limitations, claiming the Cuban regime has maintained “its relentless persecution of countless Cubans from all areas of life.”

Mr Menendez said in a statement released late Monday that loosening travel restrictions “risks sending the wrong message to the wrong people, at the wrong time, and for all the wrong reasons.” Those who still believe that greater visitation to Cuba will lead to democracy are just delusional. The world has been visiting Cuba for decades, and nothing has changed “he added.



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