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Unwelcome Movie: Here Is The Latest Updates!!!

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Unwelcome Movie Updates: Isn’t it true that this is horror movie season? With Halloween approaching, our thirst for all things spooky grows, and the film offerings never fail to provide.

Unwelcome, a new horror film from Warner Bros UK, is the latest to join the ranks of spine-tingling scares. The terrifying trailer has just been published, and you should probably view it in a well-lit room, in a corner.

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Unwelcome, directed by Jon Wright, is based on goblin tales from Irish and Scottish tradition. Not the charming ones we see in cartoon movies, but bloodthirsty goblins bent on making Maya and Jamie’s lives as difficult as possible (played by Hannah John-Kamen and Douglas Booth).


Maya (played by Hannah John-Kamen from Game of Thrones) and Jamie (played by Douglas Booth from Great Expectations) are a pair in the film, which is also based on an original screenplay by Mark Stay. They idealistically swap city life for the serenity of Ireland’s countryside, but it’s safe to say that their quest for calm does not go as planned.

They feel out of place in their new surroundings, and discover that the wood at the bottom of their yard is home to the aforementioned deadly goblins.

The goblins are Redcaps, a component of Anglo-Scottish legend that filmmaker Jon Wright incorporated into the plotline because of his Irish ancestry and fascination with supernatural creatures. “My grandfather, who was an Irish farmer, believed in fairies,” Wright recalls in an interview with Empire.

Unwelcome Movie

He used to say he tried to build a wall at the foot of his garden, but it was destroyed every morning as he awoke.

He couldn’t have it since he thought it was being built on fairy land. And in my grandfather’s house, I had a book of fairy stories, Grimm fairy tales, that I always read when I went to see. Myths and stories have long captivated me, particularly the primal way in which they tap into our nature.”


Hannah John-Kamen, who has acted in Game Of Thrones and played the main role in Netflix’s The Stranger, plays Maya, who will be fighting goblins while heavily pregnant in the film. Douglas Booth, who performed in the BBC production of Great Expectations and as Boy George in the BBC Two short Worried About The Boy, will play Jamie.

Jamie Lee O’Donnell, who starred in Derry Girls and will star in the upcoming Channel 4 prison thriller Screw, also appears in the film. Colm Meaney of The Snapper and Chris Walley of The Young Offenders have also been cast.


Unwelcome will be released in theatres on February 4, 2022.

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