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Ukraine War: Russian Troops Leave Chernobyl, Ukraine Says:

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Ukraine War: Russian Troops Leave Chernobyl, Ukraine Says

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The Russian forces who occupied Chernobyl’s former nuclear power plant have left, according to the plant’s personnel. Staff at the plant stated there are currently no “outsiders” on the premises, according to Ukraine’s state nuclear corporation Energoatom.

It had previously been reported that some Russian forces had departed for the Belarusian border, leaving a small number behind. The announcement appears to validate reports of a withdrawal made by senior US defense officials on Wednesday. On February 24, Russian troops seized Chernobyl as part of their invasion of Ukraine.”

The invaders stated their plans to abandon the Chernobyl nuclear power facility this morning,” claimed Energoatom in a statement on Thursday. Later, the firm accused the Russian military of kidnapping Ukrainian National Guard troops who had been held captive since the war began. Energoatom.It obtained its information from plant employees and did not provide any figures.

It also corroborated allegations that Russian forces excavated trenches in the most polluted portion of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, where they were exposed to “substantial doses” of radiation. Some are being treated in Belarus, according to unsubstantiated sources. According to the Reuters news agency, several of the soldiers were unaware that they were in a radioactive zone.

The Russian military, on the other hand, claimed that after taking the plant, radiation levels remained within normal limits. In a statement, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) claimed it was unable to validate the reports. Yevhen Kramarenko, the chairman of Ukraine’s exclusion zone organization, claimed that radiation levels looked to be normal and that there was no evidence of serious harm.

Staff needed to check the facilities since the sensors for monitoring radiation levels were not working, he added. The chairman of the International Atomic Energy Agency said the agency was in regular contact with Ukrainian authorities about sending a mission to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant “very, very soon.

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“While the word “Chernobyl” conjures up images of doom and gloom, nuclear experts have insisted throughout this tale that there is no danger of “another Chernobyl.” The location does not have a functioning nuclear reactor. Even if buildings containing toxic material were punctured, Prof Claire Corkhill of Sheffield University assured me at the time that “we wouldn’t be talking about plumes of radioactive smoke.

“When the Russian military targeted a building at the operational Zaporizhzhia nuclear site on March 4, she was much more concerned. In reaction to the incident, the director-general of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) scheduled a trip to Ukraine, primarily to ask Russian forces to keep nuclear facilities out of the line of fire.

” Prof Corkhill told me, “What we’re concerned about currently in Chernobyl is that we haven’t had regular communication between the site and the IAEA, which basically keeps a [safety log] of where any potentially hazardous material is.” We need to go in right away and double-check that none of the materials are missing.

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ukraine war : russian troops leave chernobyl, ukraine says

“Others are concerned about the potential harm to a wildlife preserve that has also served as a center for international research collaboration. Prof Nick Beresford, who studies the geography of the exclusion zone, says his Ukrainian colleagues aren’t sure if they’ll be able to return to their laboratory.

“Over the last roughly 40 years, the zone has become a wildlife refuge,” he noted.”When people left, a lot of unusual species moved in. We just do not know how this will affect wildlife.”Russia has recently said that it will reduce its operations in northern Ukraine, particularly around Kyiv, and concentrate its forces in the eastern Donbas region.

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Chernobyl is a nuclear power plant located north of Kyiv. Moscow, on the other hand, is relocating rather than retiring, according to Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, in order to reorganize, restock, and bolster its offensive in Donbas.” Simultaneously, Russia maintains pressure on Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities.

As a result, we should expect more offensive activities, resulting in even more misery “he stated He emphasized that Russia’s goal of achieving a military victory had not changed. Since the invasion on February 24, there have been concerns about power outages and challenges for the workers,

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many of whom have been confined there for weeks and have been unable to return home. Chernobyl was never completely abandoned, and even though it is no longer an operating power plant, it requires constant monitoring.

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It was the location of the world’s worst nuclear disaster, which occurred in 1986. The Russian pull-out comes after the mayor of Slavutych, a neighboring town that houses plant workers, announced some days ago that Russian forces had departed the area.

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