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Ukraine Cyber-Attack: Government And Embassy Websites Targeted: Latest Updates!!!

Ukraine Cyber-Attack Updates: The websites of many government agencies, including the ministry of foreign affairs and the ministry of education. Officials said it was too soon to draw any conclusions, but they pointed to a “long history” of Russian cyber attacks against Ukraine. The attack came after a week of stalemate in security talks between Moscow and the US and its allies. All of your personal information has been made public. Be afraid and prepare for the worst. It’s all about you: your past, present, and future.” The message included a cross-out of the Ukrainian flag and a map. A reference to “historical land” was also made.

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About Ukraine Cyber-Attack

Jens Stoltenberg, the Secretary General of NATO, and Josep Borrell, the EU’s senior diplomat, also condemned the attacks. “Unfortunately, we were aware that that may happen,” he stated. “It’s tough to say [who is behind it],” he added. I can’t blame anyone because I don’t have any proof. “However, we can speculate.” NATO and Ukraine will sign an agreement on improved cyber cooperation in the coming days, according to Stoltenberg. He stated that Kyiv will have access to Nato’s malware information sharing infrastructure. Ann Linde, Sweden’s foreign minister, stated that the west must confront any Russian aggression. “We must be extremely clear in our statements to Russia that if there are attacks against Ukraine, we will respond in a hard, powerful, and robust manner,” she warned. She went on to say that Sweden was standing by Kyiv. Russian envoys sounded a gloomy note on Thursday after talks with the OSCE, Nato, and the US this week in Vienna. Russia’s team was led by Sergei Ryabkov, who stated that talks had reached a stalemate.

Ukraine Cyber-Attack

Ukraine and Georgia have been promised that they will never join NATO, according to the Kremlin. It wants Nato to pull troops and equipment out of eastern European member nations and reduce deployment levels to what they were in 1997, before Nato expanded. Russia’s foreign minister, Sergei Lavrov, said on Friday that the country would not wait eternally for a response. On the Ukrainian border, Russia has deployed 100,000 troops and military weaponry. As part of a “exercise,” the country’s defence ministry said that more equipment would be transported from the east of the country. Meanwhile, in response to a request from the US, Moscow announced it had carried out a special operation against the ransomware gang REvil. The FSB intelligence agency, which Vladimir Putin used to command, announced that members of the gang had been captured and charged.

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