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Ukraine Crisis: US Rejects Russian Demand To Bar Ukraine From Nato: Latest Updates

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Ukraine Crisis Updates: Secretary of State Antony Blinken was responding formally to Russia’s calls for a resolution to the Ukraine situation. Mr. Blinken made no compromises but did say that he was offering Russia “a genuine diplomatic way forward” if it so desired. President Vladimir Putin, according to Russia’s foreign minister Sergei Lavrov, will now review Mr. Blinken’s response.

While the document, which was handed in collaboration with Nato, does not address Russia’s “primary concern” about the alliance’s growth, Mr. Lavrov said it “gives optimism for the beginning of a real debate” on secondary issues. Meanwhile, Dmitry Peskov, the president’s spokesperson, warned reporters that Russia would not “jump into assessments,” noting that it would take “time to analyze” the response.

Russia has released a written statement outlining its worries about Nato’s expansion and related security problems. One of them was a demand that Nato rules out the idea of Ukraine or countries joining the alliance in the future. Russia has been gathering massive numbers of troops near the Ukraine border in recent weeks, which Western countries have interpreted as preparation for an invasion.

This is something Russia denies. Mr. Blinken stated that the US answer outlined its “fundamental principles,” which include Ukraine’s sovereignty and the freedom to choose whether or not to join security alliances such as Nato.

“There should be no doubt about our sincerity of purpose when it comes to diplomacy, and we’re operating with equal intensity and force to boost Ukraine’s defenses and prepare a fast united reaction to additional Russian aggression,” he said.

“How Russia responds is up to them to determine,” he continued. “Either way, we’re prepared.” The US has provided three shipments of military “support” this week, including Javelin missiles and anti-armor weaponry, as well as hundreds of tonnes of ammunition and equipment, according to the secretary of state.

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ukraine crisis

Confidential Discussions:

Mr. Blinken further denied that there is a schism or disagreement between the US and its European allies. He claimed that Nato had drafted its own set of suggestions that “totally reinforces ours and vice versa. “The US document, on the other hand, will not be made public.

The Secretary of State stated, “Diplomacy has the best chance of succeeding if we offer space for secret meetings.” The alliance’s document had also been handed to Moscow, according to Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, who said that while he was happy to listen to Russia’s concerns, all states had the right to determine their own security arrangements.

When asked about Nato bolstering its presence near Russia’s borders, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said earlier on Wednesday that Mr. Stoltenberg had “lost touch with reality.” Mr. Lavrov told the press in the Russian parliament, which was streamed live on social media, “You know, I quit taking any perspective of his words a long time ago.

” Separately, officials from Russia, Ukraine, France, and Germany reaffirmed their support to Ukraine’s long-standing peace accord, which saw Russia-backed separatists capture territory in the eastern Donbas region. According to a statement released by the French presidency, the four countries continue to support the ceasefire “despite of differences on other topics” relating to the 2015 Minsk agreements.

Dmitri Kozak, the Kremlin’s deputy head of staff, described the eight-hour talks in Paris as “not simple,” and the group will meet again in Berlin in two weeks. Dmytro Kuleba, Ukraine’s foreign minister, told reporters on Thursday that Russia’s decision to attend negotiations in Berlin was “excellent news,” as it meant that “Russia is likely to remain on the table for the next two weeks.”

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