Ukraine Blames Russian Missiles After Kyiv Was Hit By Blasts During UN Chief’s Visit

Ukraine Blames Russian Missiles After Kyiv Was Hit By Blasts During UN Chief’s Visit: Latest Updates

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Ukraine Blames Russian Missiles After Kyiv Was Hit By Blasts During UN Chief’s Visit

During the UN Secretary General’s visit to Kyiv, where he criticized his own organization’s Security Council, rockets were fired at the city. According to Antonio Guterres, the UN Security Council failed to prevent or halt the conflict in Ukraine. He described it as “a source of immense disappointment, irritation, and fury.”

He continued, “Let me be clear: [it] failed to do everything in its power to prevent and stop this war.”The UN Security Council, which consists of 15 members, is charged with safeguarding global peace and security. However, it has been chastised for failing to intervene since the invasion began in February, even by Ukraine’s leadership.

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Russia is one of the body’s five permanent members, and it has vetoed multiple resolutions to the conflict. Mr. Guterres was speaking at a joint press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Thursday evening. Mr. Zelensky has previously criticized the Security Council.” I’m here to tell you, Mr. President, and the Ukrainian people, we will not give up,” he stated.

Mr. Guterres, on the other hand, defended his organization, admitting that while the Security Council was “paralyzed,” the UN took other steps.” The UN is the 1,400 UN staff members in Ukraine who are trying to offer aid, food, cash, and other sorts of help,” said the UN. At a press conference on Thursday, President Zelensky said Mr. Guterres had the opportunity to see “all the war crimes” committed by Russia in Ukraine firsthand.

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Ukraine Blames Russian Missiles After Kyiv Was Hit By Blasts During UN Chief’s Visit

The Ukrainian president called Russia’s activities in his nation “genocide” once more. Two bombs rocked Kyiv’s downtown Shevchenko neighborhood during the UN chief’s arrival, sending three people to the hospital with injuries, according to the city’s mayor. Mr. Guterres also paid a visit to many locations where Ukraine accuses Russia of war crimes. The charge is denied by Moscow.

Mr. Guterres talked to reporters in the village of Borodyanka, northwest of Kyiv, in front of buildings that had been destroyed by strikes and shelling. He described the fighting in Ukraine as an “absurdity in the twenty-first century” after seeing the place and imagining what it would be like for his own family.

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Mr. Guterres also made a heartfelt plea to save tens of thousands of people in Mariupol, Ukraine’s southern city, which has been virtually decimated by weeks of Russian bombing. He described Mariupol as a “crisis within a crisis.” “Thousands of civilians require lifesaving assistance; many are old and require medical attention, while others have restricted mobility.

They’ll need a way out of the catastrophe.”Russia has repeatedly refused Kyiv’s demands to evacuate the last Ukrainian defenders and civilians trapped in the Azovstal industrial zone. Later, Mr. Guterres told the BBC that Russian President Vladimir Putin had agreed “in principle” to enable residents to flee the city. Attempts to evacuate the area have already failed, with local leaders blaming Russian shelling.

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