UK Reports Over 1.19 Lakh Infections

UK Reports Over 1.19 Lakh Infections, Highest Ever And Fuelled By Omicron.

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Infection Surges In UK

UK Reports Updates: London since past few weeks have been setting records for daily coming infection cases and it crossed another landmark where it witnessed to have 1,19,789 cases reported over in the last 24 hours in Thursday, the rise in cases is said to have been fuelled by the Omicron Variant, also called as the “Variant of Concern” by the World Health Organisation.

United Kingdom is among the worst hit countries in Europe and because of the pandemic and has reported a death toll of over 1, 47,720 yet.

It was estimated that nearly 1.4 million people in the United Kingdom households had Covid in the week ending with December 16. The estimated was officially done by the office for National Statistics.

The above is the highest figure ever from the beginning of the Pandemic since 2020.

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UK Reports Over 1.19 Lakh Infections

Hospital admissions because of the rising infections are also growing, but this time is observed albeit more slowly than what the United Kingdom, Particularly London has witnessed in the previous waves that had hit the country.

Health Minister, Sajid Javid said that early reports suggest that the risk of hospitalization this time is lower than delta. However, this was nevertheless some encouraging news that broke out.

The above reports have been extracted by the two preliminary studies conducted in Britain.

However, the health minister also cleared that the above reports do not says much though how much the risk has been reduced and Warned also that if there comes cases as high as these numbers, it could lead to massive hospital admissions which can then possess a risk of crippling the medical system yet again.

PM Focussing On Increasing Protection Through The Booster Shot Programmes

On the rising infections, Boris Johnson, the prime minister this time has not opted for strict and tougher restrictions in UK ahead of Christmas  but instead is focussing on a campaign to increase vaccinations and also to include booster shots for the people to increase protection.

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