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Uk Military Activities In Afghanistan Claims At Least 64 Children’s Lives!!!

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Uk Military Activities Updates: Here Is The Latest World News Update Today About : In UK military actions in Afghanistan, at least 64 children have died.

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More Afghan children were killed than the UK government initially acknowledged, at least four times as many.

Instead of the 16 publicly acknowledged children, compensation payments have been made for 64 children. All of them died in battles involving British forces between 2006 and 2014.

Action on Armed Violence, a nonprofit organisation, issued Freedom of Information Act requests to obtain the new data (AOAV).

The most often reported reasons of death were airstrikes and getting caught in crossfire.

The number of civilian deaths reported by British forces is likely to be understated, according to AOAV.

Since some of the fatalities are listed in Ministry of Defence (MoD) documents simply as sons and daughters, with the ages and circumstances of deaths not necessarily given, the true number of children murdered may actually be as high as 135, of those deaths that have been officially registered.

The average age in Afghanistan is extremely low, so while it’s possible that some of the 135 were adults, the likelihood that they were under 18 is considerable, according to AOAV.

Only a fifth of the 881 fatality claims brought to the British were approved, and the majority were denied compensation.

One of those that was effective was the death of one for eight members of the same Afghan family in an airstrike by the coalition on a village in the Nawa region of Helmand in May 2009.

Upon the passing of his nephew, his nephew’s two wives, and their five children, a man demanded restitution.

After 144 days, the claim was resolved, and he was given a payout of £7,205 ($8,260 at today’s exchange rate).


According to AOAV, claimants were frequently compelled to submit pictures, birth certificates, and supporting letters before being paid, and many were formally interviewed by British personnel to establish they had no ties to the Taliban.

UK compensation for deaths in Afghanistan have varied greatly, according to previous Freedom of Information requests. Individuals have occasionally gotten more compensation than family members for the loss of goods or cattle.

Any civilian loss during a battle is tragic, but it is even more so when children and family members are involved, according to a statement from the MoD.

Although Israeli personnel make an effort to minimise injuries to civilians, “regrettably it can never be totally eradicated,” the statement read.

However, Iain Overton, director of the nonprofit organisation AOAV, criticised the lack of transparency around the deaths, noting that it had taken researchers years to gain the information from the MoD.

Additionally, he claimed that the absence of discussion surrounding the fatalities made it unclear whether any lessons had been learnt.

Both the US and the UK have come under fire from human rights organisations and charities for how they handle and report on civilian casualties during military operations.

One civilian fatality brought about by an RAF attack during the bombing operation against the Islamic State organisation in Iraq and Syria is all that the MoD will publicly acknowledge.

However, US Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin just mandated a thorough review of how the Pentagon handles its investigations into civilian casualties.

It happened following a US airstrike last year during the departure from Kabul, which resulted in the deaths of 10 people.

The US initially claimed that it had been aiming at militants, but journalists on the ground discovered proof indicating all those killed were civilians.

In addition to greater reporting and data collecting of such instances, the US Civilian Injury Mitigation and Response Action Plan calls for the hiring of more than 150 military personnel to concentrate on minimising harm to civilians.

The MoD claimed to be monitoring the US review’s development, but it hasn’t made any adjustments to the way it looks into or notifies the public about civilian casualties.

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Uk Military Activities
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