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Uber Files Reveal Company Exploited Violence Against Drivers: 10 Points: Latest Updates!!!


Uber Updates: According to the Uber Files, a collection of secret documents that were leaked, the business courted prominent politicians, misled authorities, and turned on a “death switch” to block access to servers. The information in the Uber Files was gleaned from more than 124,000 documents, including 83,000 emails and 1,000 other conversation related files, between 2013 and 2017. The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) and a number of media organisations were informed of the discoveries on Uber’s brutal business practises.

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  • According to communications that have been leaked, Uber’s founder Travis Kalanick, who led the company when it was the most valuable start-up in the world, personally oversaw the use of aggressive strategies during the company’s global expansion. According to Uber Files, Kalanick texted other business executives, “Violence ensures success.”
  • According to The Washington Post, one of the media outlets involved in the investigation, Uber’s rapid growth depended on paid drivers and discounted rates that undercut the taxi industry. This was done “often without seeking licences to operate as a taxi and livery service.”
  • According to The Guardian, a different partner media outlet, Uber used comparable strategies in a number of European nations, including Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, and Italy. These strategies included mobilising drivers and enticing them to contact the police when they were the victims of violence.
  • Kalanick’s spokesperson vehemently refuted the findings, calling them the product of a “false agenda,” and asserted that he “never suggested that Uber should take advantage of violence at the expense of driver safety.” However, Uber has pointed the finger at previously acknowledged “mistakes” made under Kalanick’s leadership.
  • According to the documents, Uber executives met with representatives of EU institutions and public officials from 17 different countries in more than 100 meetings between 2014 and 2016. Twelve of those meetings12 of which were with European Commission representatives—were not made public.
  • The investigation revealed that Uber used its technological advantage to try to get around regulatory inquiries. The Washington Post detailed a situation in which Kalanick put in place a “kill switch” to remotely disable devices in an Amsterdam office from accessing Uber’s internal systems during a police raid.
  • According to the documents, Uber lobbied governments to support its growth, and it specifically found support from Emmanuel Macron, the current president of France and former economy minister from 2014 to 2016.
  • Uber executives also made exclusive deals with oligarchs connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin through former US and UK officials. Following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Western governments have since imposed sanctions on those oligarchs.
  • According to the documents that were leaked, the company had a proposed global budget of $90 million for lobbying and related activities in 2016. Ten executives from Ube’r arrived in Davos, Switzerland, a ski resort town, that year to network, party, and seal deals with oligarchs and world leaders at the World Economic Forum.

Uber is still coping with the effects of its rocky international expansion. Some Uber drivers continue to begrudgingly work long hours at meagre pay, particularly in developing nations like South Africa. According to gig economy advocacy organisation Fairwork India, drivers in India pay Uber 20% to 30% of their fare in commissions, which is double the amount when the ride-hailing company began in the largest democracy in the world.

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