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U.S: The Antitrust Complaint Updates against Alphabet’s Google!!


U.S: The Antitrust Complaint  Updates: On the 13th of November, a group of U.S. State representation from Texas filed a complaint against Alphabet Inc’s Google and accused the technology giant of Breaking antitrust laws and implementing or using Coercive tactics to boost up its dominating business of advertisement.

The recent update which has been made under the already amended complaint is the latest in an onslaught of regulatory scrutiny of Google over the practices of the same. The above is not only the lawsuit which the technology giant is facing but there are several others in line as well.

The technology giant is also facing lawsuits from the justice department over monopolistic practices.

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U.S: The Antitrust Allegations

About thirty seven U.S. state and district attorneys have already sued the tech giant with many allegations. One of them is that Google itself has bought off the competitors and used the restrictive contracts to maintain a monopoly for its App store on Androids unlawfully.

Alphabet’s Google!!

There are fresh claims on Google that alleged them of buying off the competing app stores through numerous secret projects and has also intends to buy the biggest threat for them that is the Samsung Electronics Co. and prevent them from competing with them.

Not Playing fair

According to the Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes, in an interview has called on Google for not playing fair also he mentioned that Google needs to stop using the tactics and its monopolistic power and use its hyper dominated market position unlawfully.

The authorities called on for civil penalties and a court-imposed monitor so that it could ensure that the consumers get their money back  and also Google make the process easy for consumers and App developers to use and promote alternatives other than Play store.

The states also mentioned that it has no intention to rule out similar action against Apple over its app store.

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