Two women of color

Two Women Of Color To Lead White House Budget Office, Now Everything!

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Two Women Of Color Updates: U.S. President Joe Biden picked up two women of color for leading up the budget office of the White house. This certainly is a milestone for the powerful agency as his first choice was withdrawn concerning the attack of the lawmakers from both parties.

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If the suggestion gets confirmed by Senate, the White house would be having its first black woman in charge for office of management and Budget, it is Shalanda Young who will be designated to this position, where Nani Coloretti after, being confirmed by the senate, could possibly serve as the Young’s deputy, which would make her one of the highest-ranking Asian Americans in the U.S. government.


Two Women Of Color Biden’s Nomination

The name of the two ladies have been nominated by the president himself, who mentioned their names as describing them as two extra-ordinary and history making women of the age, in a video announcement released by the office on Wednesday.

Two women of color

While the video released, at the moment Mr. President was spending the thanksgiving holiday on Namntucket island in Massachusetts. In the video announment, Biden also expressed how much impressive their work has been for the nominations he made for Budget office.

According to the president, The two nominations he made for the budget office that is, Young and Coloretti are the two most qualified and experienced people for the job and thus called on Senate to confirm the nominations as soon as possible and to hand on the jobs to these amazing and hardworking ladies.

It would be the very first time, in the history of U.S. government that two women of colour will lead the president of the country with matters regarding development of an annual budget and monitor closely how taxes in dollars are spent. The speaker Nancy Pelosi also has said that the Nominations made by the president are well deserved and should be handed their jobs as soon as possible after the senate’s confirmation.

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