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Trevante Rhodes Reveals Toughest scene To Film In Mike Tyson Hulu Series: Latest Entertainment News!!!

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Trevante Rhodes Updates: He says in his distinctive voice, slightly high-pitched with a lisp, “I don’t know how to fight to lose.” Only to triumph.

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With Trevante Rhodes (“Moonlight,” “Bird Box”) playing the fighter, Hulu’s eight-episode limited series “Mike” (first two episodes are already streaming, then weekly on Thursdays) chronicles the victories, defeats, and everything in between of champion boxer Mike Tyson.

The series is narrated by Rhodes’ Tyson through the medium of his stage performance from 2017 in Indiana. He offers commentary as he transforms between his early years and his fights in and out of the ring over the years, including his championship belt, rape conviction, and ear-biting fight against Evander Holyfield.

Although the muscular actor didn’t have far to go, Rhodes claims the physical transformation for Iron Mike entailed lifting heavier weights and cutting back on some of his regular cardio.

To prepare for the part, he worked out with coach and former boxer Ann Wolfe. However, Rhodes saw boxing as more about emotional fortitude.


It took Rhodes up to three hours a day to transform into Tyson, complete with prosthetics, the infamous face tattoo, and the gap-toothed grin. After each round of filming the series, it took over an hour to take everything off.

When filming Tyson at various ages, “we would have to apply the prosthetics first, then take it all off, and then go back to an 18-year-old version,” recalls 32-year-old Rhodes.

For Russell Hornsby (“Lincoln Heights,” “BMF”), who portrays the brazen promoter famous for setting up Muhammad Ali’s “Thrilla in Manilla” and “Rumble in the Jungle” matches, the “Don King diet” was less strict.

Along with the use of padding and a wig to replicate King’s distinctive hair, “Hurricanes (cocktails) and beignets” helped “put a little fat, a little age on” Hornsby.

Rhodes consumed an almost endless amount of information about the “grandiose” and well-known person to get ready for the part: “It was YouTube videos, it was the training, it was his interviews, it was listening to his podcast.”

Fans have witnessed Tyson battle numerous opponents. The Hulu series, however, focuses just as much on the guy in the ring as it does on the good, terrible, and ugly of his journey to the ring.

“Mike” gives viewers a first-person perspective on Tyson’s battles with his inner demons, his numerous flaws, the people who helped him become a celebrity, and the women who supported him through each stage of his life by loving him, hurting him, having relations with him, and pushing him toward the boundaries of responsibility.

Each of the five episodes made available for review depicts Tyson’s complex and troubled relationship with the Black women in his life, including his mother, Lorna Smith (Olunike Adeliyi), with whom he had a strained relationship, first wife and actress Robin Givens (Laura Harrier), his older sister Denise Tyson (Chédra Arielle), and Washington, the person a jury found him guilty of racial harassment against.

Even without assistance from the character he was portraying, Rhodes wanted to do the story correctly.

Because I am familiar with and understand that particular Black male experience from a perspective that many people are not, my depiction of Mike is really sympathetic and empathic, according to Rhodes.

It might come across as being overly compassionate, but it’s difficult for me not to feel that way, he admits. People will be able to tell because that’s how I feel in my eyes.

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Trevante Rhodes
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