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Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru Movie Trilogy: Latest Updates

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru Movie Trilogy: Latest Updates

Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru Movie Trilogy Introduction:

In 2015, DMM Games released “Touken Ranbu,” a series of Japanese web games developed by Nitroplus and marketed by DMM Games. It’s a stat-building game in which players collect and train characters based on historical Japanese swords (known as sword-warriors) to wield in the battle against computer-controlled opponents.

It turns out that anime fans are fascinated by the transformation of feudal samurai weapons into charming sword-warriors. Even yet, there’s a lot to say about the prospective release date, cast, and plot of this trilogy. Here’s what we’ve learned so far.

Touken Ranbu Storyline:

What the real tale will be about is a bigger mystery than which characters will appear in the “Touken Ranbu” trilogy. The original “Hanamaru” anime was more of a slice-of-life show than a serious action show, and it didn’t always follow a single plotline.


So, aside from the core notion of time-traveling sword-warriors fighting a legion of past-altering evil spirits, the plot of the “Touken Ranbu” trilogy may have little to do with the events of the anime or game.

The fact that it is a trilogy of feature-length anime films, however, necessitates a plot that is a little more complex than a typical 30-minute slice-of-life episode.

The specific conflicts that our sword-wielding heroes will confront have yet to be revealed, but they will undoubtedly be on their most exciting excursions ever. When the first of the “Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru” films is released in 2022, only time will tell.

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Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru Movie Trilogy

Touken Ranbu Cast Updates:

There are nearly too many “Touken Ranbu” characters to count, given the franchise’s history as a collectible-based mobile game. The makers of the trilogy have revealed the addition of Yamanbagiri Chgi, a new character who first debuted in the games. Yamanbagiri Chigi is a light-haired gentleman with blue eyes who wears a tracksuit.

It is unknown what role he will play in the upcoming film trilogy. Kengo Takanashi, known for his appearances in anime like “High Score Girl” and “Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V,” will voice him. Simply because “Touken Ranbu” has as many characters as “One Piece” does not rule out the possibility of some recognizable faces appearing in the upcoming trilogy. It even guarantees it.

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For example, Kashuu Kiyomitsu (voiced by Toshiki Masuda/Garret Storms) is ostensibly a shoo-in, as is Yasusada Yamatonokami (Mitsuhiro Ichiki/Dallas Reid), one of the series’ most important characters.

As far as fans know, the fates have yet to select which other “Touken Ranbu” characters will feature in the “Hanamaru” trilogy. It would very certainly be difficult to incorporate all of the game’s characters in the movie, however, it is possible that some of them might make an appearance.

Touken Ranbu Movie Release Date:

The creators of “Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru” announced the existence of the planned film trilogy during the series’ “Hanamaru Haru Ichiban!” event in February, according to Anime News Network.

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Along with the announcement of the trilogy, the ceremony also revealed that the first feature (presumably animated by Doga Kobo, who also handled the anime) will be released in 2022. Just stay tuned for more details.

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