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Tom Hanks Yells At Fans For Engaging In Public Indecent Behaviour

You are not permitted to invade the personal space of a celebrity simply because you are a fan. On Wednesday, June 15, when visiting New York City with his wife, Rita Wilson, Tom Hanks made that point plain clear.

When a group of fans got too close for comfort and caused Wilson to trip, Hanks began shouting at them as he and Wilson walked to their car. He may be known as Hollywood’s kindest guy, but these fans and photographers saw a different side of the actor thanks to their actions.

A Sizeable Crowd Surrounded Wilson and Tom Hanks, Who Said:

Wilson and Hanks were mobbed by a huge throng of fans and paparazzi as they exited a building and walked to their car on Wednesday night. In a video released by TMZ, the couple appears calm at first, even smiling at the audience, but then Wilson trips and cries, “Stop it!”

Wilson was supported by Tom Hanks, Who Said:

Hanks softly pushes some of the individuals back when Wilson orders them to stop and says, “Back off, [expletive]! Knocking my wife out?” As the players get into their car, someone in the audience points a finger toward someone else. “Someone shoved me,” someone else may be heard saying.

Tom Hanks stated that his good nature has its limits

Tom Hanks

Despite the fact that Hanks is recognized for being personable and nice, he has previously stated that what irritates him is when individuals take advantage of that trait.

With The Herald Sun (via Closer), Hanks once said about his reputation, “I’ll tell you this: anyone who takes advantage of my good nature is going to suffer the price.

‘Oh, he’s not that nice a man,’ everybody who has done it will tell you.

When it happens, the hammer is brought down with a vengeance. When it’s time to take care of business, I do so.”

Hanks was lauded for his bravery in Defending his wife

Tom Hanks

Hanks and Wilson’s video went viral online, and many admirers applauded him for standing up to the crowd.

Others stated how dissatisfied they would be if the actor ever reacted in that manner to them.

“I think I would feel humiliation forever if Tom Hanks yelled and stared at me like that,” one Twitter user said, with over 175K likes.
A number of celebrities have also spoken out against the incident. “I just witnessed the Tom Hanks clip of his wife almost being crushed by the paparazzi,” NBA player LeBron James wrote.

When did personal space become a [expletive] thing?

Now, if Tom had stolen from one of them, he would be the one who was in the wrong and would almost certainly be sued! What makes them more protected than he and his wife?”

“And I understand why he did it,” comedian Yvette Nicole Brown tweeted.

He was trying to keep his wife safe. He’s still a good and caring man. Because you heard #TomHanks cuss, nothing you know about him has changed.”

“Too many people confuse compassion for weakness,” actor LeVar Burton wrote on Twitter. You guys, don’t [expletive] with Tom Hanks! “He’s a nobody’s punk,” says the narrator.


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