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Tokyo Revengers Season 2: Latest Updates!!!


Tokyo Revengers Season 2 Updates: From April 11 to September 19, 2021, a sum of 24 episodes of the anime variation of Ken Wakui’s Tokyo Revengers manga broadcasted in Japan. The 24 episodes adjusted the first to bigger account bends, finishing with the Valhalla Arc. This intends that there are as yet three huge story circular segments that can be adjusted, which brings up the issue of whether we’ll see the second time of Tokyo Revengers.

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Tokyo Revengers has been restored briefly season back in December 2021. The season will cover the manga’s Christmas Showdown curve. There is still sufficient material for no less than another time of the show, so we anticipate that the show should be recharged for a third season too, yet we don’t have the foggiest idea when that will occur. The subsequent season, as was affirmed in June 2022, will debut in January 2023.

The remainder of this article will present to you all the known and obscure data connected with the forthcoming season 2 of Tokyo Revengers. You will learn about its potential delivery date, whether there is a trailer, what the story could be about, and considerably more about this incredible anime series.


Tokyo Revengers circulated among April and September, 2021 in Japan, with its most memorable season comprising of 24 episodes with a term of about 25 minutes for each episode. As of the hour of composing this article, we actually have no data on whether Tokyo Revengers will get a subsequent season.

Presently, because of there being much more material that hasn’t been adjusted, we’ve expected that the show will get a subsequent season, and we at last got affirmation of that in December 2021. It was then affirmed that the manga’s “Seiya Kessen” (“Christmas Showdown”) curve would get adjusted.

In June 2022, a mystery video was delivered reporting the subsequent season. The video affirmed that the second time of Tokyo Revengers would chief in January 2023, which fits the storyline of the subsequent season. We don’t have a precise date, however we realize the month so it’s adequate for the present.


Presently you know the entirety of the important data, and that implies that you have likely finished up without help from anyone else that there is no trailer for the second time of Tokyo Revengers basically in light of the fact that creation hasn’t begun at this point. What we do have, however, is a PV trailer delivered back in December and you can look at it here:

Tokyo Revengers Season 2

Another review video, which is certainly not a full trailer, was delivered on June 19, 2022. The trailer furnished us for certain extra scenes from the subsequent season, as well as affirming that the show would debut in January 2023. You can look at it here:

As we have examined, Tokyo Revengers was a really logical possibility for a reestablishment perceiving how the series is very famous and how the principal season adjusted just two of the five significant curves, yet in light of the data we have, we won’t know when a full trailer will show up. Considering each of the deferrals, we could likely hold on until late 2022, or mid 2023 to get some data on the new season’s trailer.


As we have said, the main season adjusted the initial two story circular segments – the Moebius bend and the Valhalla curve. This really intends that there are three additional bends to adjust – the Black Dragons curve, the Tenjiku circular segment, and the Final curve. The subsequent season will adjust the “Christmas Showdown” Arc, as we have expressed. What follows is an overall outline of the manga’s plot.

Yet again yet again subsequent to getting back to the present, Takemichi finds that the Tokyo Manji Gang has transformed into a huge scope criminal association, and Hinata and her companions are killed, while Draken is outlined for a homicide he didn’t perpetrate.

At the point when Takemichi goes to the past, he discovers that Hakkai Shiba is driven away from the Tokyo Manji Gang and join the Black Dragons compelled of his harmful more seasoned sibling, Taiju, their ebb and flow pioneer, an occasion that influences the consolidation of the Tokyo Manji Gang with the Black Dragons.

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