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Tokyo 24th Ward: New Original Anime Is Coming Soon Director Of Jojo Cloverworks!!

Tokyo 24th Ward Updates: The future holds good news for anime fans. Anime in its original form has grown into a formidable force. Netflix, Mappa, and a slew of other major studios continue to amaze its audiences with new original content. CloverWorks debuted an original anime by Naokatsu Tsuda, the genius director of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. The anime was recently announced, and we now have access to all of the information available. Darling in The Franxx, Horimiya, and even Wonder Egg Priority were all created by CloverWorks.

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The devs provided some fantastic key graphics to the crowd, which got everyone psyched for the Tokyo 24th Ward release date. We don’t know much about the anime because it’s an original, so all we know so far is what the creators have shown us. However, based on the information available thus far, it appears that the anime will most likely pique our curiosity.

The art style is bright and eccentric, hinting at a plot with a lot of action. Nonetheless, the creators have informed the audience about various details, such as the Tokyo 24th Ward release date, the PV, and the main cast. All of these details have piqued our interest in the upcoming anime. Here’s all we know thus far about the anime.

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What Is The Significance Of Tokyo’s 24TH Ward?

The Tokyo 24th Ward is located on a man-made island in Tokyo Bay known as a “Special district outside the Far Eastern law.” The “24 wards” are how they’re referred to. Shuta, Akagi, and Kouki, who grew up in the 24th Ward, are the main characters of the anime. Despite the fact that the three have quite different personalities, hobbies, and family origins, they have a strong bond.

They used to hang out on a daily basis because they were childhood pals. However, after a specific incident, their connection is severely strained. Their relationship as a whole has changed drastically. But something strange happened a year later, after the huge calamity. The three friends happen to meet at the same time, and their phones start ringing simultaneously. It’s a call from a deceased companion pleading with them to make “future decisions.”

They’re taken aback, but they’re aware that their beloved 24th Ward is likely to be threatened. As a result, they must do everything in their power to protect it.

Release Date For Tokyo’S 24TH Ward

So far, the storey appears to be quite captivating. On October 24, 2021, Tokyo 24th Ward was announced. The anime will premiere in January 2022 with the first episode. This is unusually early for a Fall anime. Nonetheless, we are intrigued by the plot and want to see what happens next. The anime’s first key visual was also released by the creators. There has been no mention of its licensors, nor of a specific release date. Video Promotional Along with the important  announcement of the release date, the official Twitter page also released a Promotional Video introducing the key characters.

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